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  1. Suspicious
  2. Massive Funding to Eliminate all Prostitution - including consenting adults Fake Stud
  3. How to ask about donations
  4. More suspicious activity
  5. Phoenix Meet and Greet?!
  6. Wtf!?
  7. Busted provider?
  8. Yavapai County Prostitution Sting
  9. Sex Surrogacy, Sugar Daddies and Prostitution - All valuable in societies
  10. Mens group to wipe out all commercial sex propaganda and scam reserach source
  11. Careful out there
  12. Ugh
  13. ACLU Looking Into Phoenix's "Project ROSE" Prostitution Busts
  14. Question How to contact Admin? How to get a respomse?
  15. Report of sting in process
  16. Happy Mothers Day
  17. Question Final Meeting with a Retired Provider
  18. Am I The Only One That Caught This?
  19. Heads up! Project ROSE
  20. Club Lace SWAT Bust this morning
  21. Petitioning National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) End Project Rose Petition
  22. A to-did list
  23. The reason why women are whores...birth control!
  24. Clubs
  25. Project Rose May 2014 Results: 75 probably mostly "sham victims,"
  26. Flagstaff- Believe it or Not
  27. Suspicious Ads in Mesa
  28. Surprised Phoenix isn't a Ghost town during the summer...
  29. Escort held at gun point and robbed
  30. Stings Continue
  31. Really Phx? Nonsense! Where else is a good place to advertise?!
  32. Discussion A History Lesson our Government has Forgotten
  33. How many hobbyist can a provider see in one day?
  34. Wherz NT
  35. Sex-victim farce exposed as lies to raise $millions
  36. Okay.. lets get away from the dark and dreary topics
  37. Project Rose- More on the scam and probably lawsuit
  38. Discussion Providers do you like it when a guy sends you a pic of his you know what ?
  39. Question I am a provider not a hobbyist
  40. How to Reduce Demand
  41. FYI Sting or Just Plain Dumb II
  42. Legal Prostitution = Human Trafficking Bill Proposed
  43. Strip Club Crawl
  44. Yet another ‘trafficking survivor’ has been outed as a liar, thief, and fraud.
  45. anyone remember pussy flavored pussy ?
  46. FYI Same number, three different girls in Mesa
  47. How to DATY
  48. COOLING OFF in the High country :)
  49. Project Rose big article and video with all the PR stats
  50. Sex workers are prepared for the World Cup in Brazil
  51. Phoenix revamps human-trafficking enforcement (sexwork)
  52. Ads running for the escortcallers.com scam
  53. 22...
  54. World Cup
  55. Appeals court rules warrant required for cellphone location data
  56. strange activity on BP
  57. Funny Reduction in Force, The Navy Way
  58. Phoenix Paid Catholic Charities $299,009 for Project Rose
  59. Best Branch of the Military
  60. Crazy Documentary - -Pimp City
  61. Yet another fake one!
  62. Has anyone seen Rachelina from Miami before ?
  63. Glendale STING alert
  64. Discussion BBFS At An Executive VIP Premium-Something Good or Bad?
  65. Are They Sisters
  66. Question Any girls need video work?
  67. FBI Arizona part of "Operation Cross Country" Stings
  68. Sex a normal human need just like food, sometimes you want more than the same home cooked meal!
  69. What I've learned......
  70. FBI Shut down myredbook
  71. someone needs to install these in the mens room
  72. RIP GeneB and J. Edgar Hoover
  73. Any girls need video work for FREE?
  74. P411 Infiltrations
  75. Funny Here you go guys!!
  76. Offer for fake reviews
  77. Question Cat Massaging Cat Avatar/ Dave?
  78. the pm system on here seems
  79. Mama June, where art thou
  80. It is only fitting.....
  81. Queen of Spades
  82. FYI Cop Number
  83. Funny Bravest of the Brave
  84. Funny Is Sex Work
  85. Happy Independence Day
  86. Vice Cop Investigated for Soliciting a Prostitute
  87. Independants Day
  88. All web ads etc may soon require Photo ID and no euphemisms or codewords
  89. 7 Reasons Why America Should Legalize Prostitution
  90. FYI Perfect Boobs' Week?!?
  91. Good incall locations in Phoenix
  92. Warning Suspicious Ad
  93. Legal Brothel in Phoenix
  94. Beware Onvoy/Zayo Network Phones
  95. Nostradickus, rest in peace!
  96. Phoenix FBI say arresting sexworkers is akin to therapy
  97. Redbook Bust - The fake "sex trafficking" hysteria same as in Phoenix
  98. Phoenix Street Prostitution Seems Surging
  99. FOLLOW THE MONEY for fake research, Project Rose and sex trafficking lies
  100. Tempe-16 johns arrested based on silly notion it protects 15 yr olds
  101. Providers returning from the past
  102. Jane Roe II vs Attorney General of Florida & Georgetown paper on prostitution law
  103. The Myth of Trafficking - Great International Report
  104. Rant Alrightyyyyy Thennnn…..
  105. Funny Joke of the Day
  106. They Go So Young
  107. Dream Vacation
  108. And another one bites the dust. . .
  109. Providers in the West Valley
  110. Ideas and how to avoid legal issues with Sugar and Coaching
  111. FYI 15 providers arrested in Scottsdale for Escorting without a license
  112. Dennis Hof expanding Arizona search for newest Bunny Ranch
  113. Legalized Prostitution in Rhode Island Saw a DECREASE in Rape and Ghonorea
  114. 800 Numbers?
  115. Scottsdale triple charging = 45 days in jail
  116. Retired
  117. Phoenix Manifestation Law Conviction being Appealed by ACLU
  118. FYI National John Bust Nets 150 in Valley-Last Post
  119. In Defense of Johns
  120. Prostitution and the Internet
  121. FYI Falon back in town
  122. ***** Sting bait-and-switch technique in AZ Republic 8/8/2014
  123. Pastor (again) and Judge Caught in Sting
  124. Discussion RIP Robin Williams
  125. Discussion Seattle Trip
  126. Two Pimps Arrested in Scottsdale
  127. Retired
  128. Discussion How Dirty Cops Are Trying To Trick You Into Committing
  129. Major massage case "cleared" mysteriously A WIN in COURT?
  130. Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Battles ***** Prostitution Sting in Arizona Superior Court
  131. Scottsdale Massage Bust and AZ Massage Board actions
  132. Police say Women sexworkers so stupid have to be saved
  133. 14 arrested in Phoenix-area sex trafficking probe
  134. Discussion Ice bucket
  135. 10News: Officers bend rules to boost sex sting arrest totals Entrapment exposed to maximize ICAC Federal Grants to local Police
  136. Zen Spa busted on 64th Ave/Bell
  137. Valley strip clubs?
  138. Church's are into the scam and offers prayer and hygiene packs
  139. Flagstaff men arrested in sting
  140. Prostitution law not strong enough needs forfeitures
  141. Discussion Providers Statistics Challenged
  142. AZOutcall busted as criminal enterprise
  143. Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges: Employment in Arizona
  144. Discussion Goodbye and Good Luck
  145. welcome!
  146. Discussion Budweiser Commercial <33
  147. Sex Trafficking and "the cynical (or ignorant) politicians trying to score points with a gullible public."
  148. The shaving craze leaves us vulnerable to all manner of physical ailments
  149. Ebola Outbreak in Texas
  150. W Hotels Hobby Friendly
  151. Wow the Arizona scene is dead on here
  152. Question GNDAnnabelle anyone?
  153. LE Operation "Blue Wave" in progress
  154. Question Xanas Palace Foot sessions?
  155. Sex Trafficking Cartels Already invading Phoenix
  156. Euro Style Massage Bust
  157. Examples of bad real pimps in Phoenix
  158. More busts
  159. Nationwide ALERT!! - Dangerous Person Targeting Sex Workers
  160. Guy 1 helps girlfriend and gets 12 years in prison Partner Guy 2, bought prepaid cards to buy ads gets 2.5 yrs. in prison.
  161. Phoenix Companion Assaulted Fri 10/31
  162. Strip Clubs
  163. More Scottsdale licensing arrest examples
  164. New AZ AG to fight sexwork
  165. CO Hobbyist Visiting AZ
  166. Singalong for Canadian Sex Workers - could even more apply to U.S.
  167. Project Rose Dead!
  168. Police Impersonator Working Sun City and Glendale Massage shops- could attack anywhere in Valley
  169. Photographer Warning
  170. City of Vancouver Against Sexwork Law should apply to U.S.
  171. Some Sort of Sting Probably Going On
  172. Update: Federal Case Aphrodite Companions - Money laundering included $8.75 payment to back page and TER reviews part of the indictment.
  173. MyRedbook Update
  174. Warning Private Incalls
  175. Prescott Arrests
  176. Arizona lawmakers ask Holder, Obama for help with Super Bowl security, prostitution rings
  177. Expand Wiretapping Authority to Combat Sex Trafficking (all sexwork) & all customers are traffickers.
  178. MyRedbook defendant plead guilty
  179. Court Report - Manifestation Law - Monica Jones Appeal
  180. "Pimps from all over America are coming to Phoenix"
  181. LE Hiring Policy In Indonesia
  182. Happy turkey day
  183. Robbery-Burglary On News
  184. Dream Palace Strip $25,000 charge results in felony indictment
  185. Police can get SIM card info even if destroy the SIM in a cell phone
  186. "Reckless eyeballing" testimony not racial or grounds for mistrial
  187. Police having sex before arresting
  189. Lot's of Providers On ModelMeyham Site
  190. Sting Criteria
  191. What Happened?
  192. Mass arrests at Massage Envy - all over the U.S. and Phoenix in the past
  193. Minister stings escorts for entertainment show
  194. Just got busted in a sting at Chandler
  195. Operator of MyRedBook.com Website Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Prostitution
  196. Mesa Priest Caught in under aged scam
  197. Canada update - if only local LE in the U.S. had as much sense.
  198. 25 yr old Escort/model dead in suitcase near 16th Street and Bell
  199. Fake $100's given escorts
  200. Question Screening/Verification Forms
  201. Funniest Experience in the Hobby
  202. Sting or Just Plain Dumb III
  203. FYI Chandler Stings
  204. Canadian Girl In Scottsdale
  205. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
  206. Update on old case pleas taken and sentencing
  207. FYI Possible Sting in Scottsdale
  208. Discussion Security Protocols For 2015 And Beyond
  209. Merry Christmas
  210. Happy New Years
  211. Reduce real "trafficking" by New Zealand example of decriminalization
  212. Discussion Provider beat up in Scottsdale Hotel
  213. Media Advisory: Press Conference - Arizona Human Sex Trafficking Meeting
  214. Question Does anyone have a list of phone numbers
  215. Chandler Manifestation law even broader than Phoenix.
  216. Guess who I just stumbled across?!!
  217. Paranoia
  218. Discussion Frequent Flier Program
  219. Question So i wanna know.....
  220. Sounds Like a Good Time
  221. Glendale House used as sting
  222. Discussion Porn Star Receiving Death Threats from Terrorists
  223. Backpage,com sold at end of 2014
  224. Canada no enforcement of new law vs Arizona gone wild Canada legal is harm reduction vs AZ save them by arresting them.
  225. Club Lace Update was at 2828 W Weldon
  226. National "CEASE" Network Grants - Steps up war on adult sexuality
  227. Honey Pot App
  228. The John's School of the horrors of sexwork proposed by the Phoenix Human Trafficking Task Force
  229. AHCArizona
  230. Discussion Feedback
  231. Out Calls to personal residents
  232. *** Introduction ***
  233. Lady looks like a dude
  234. Lingerie for Men
  235. What 'sex trafficking' really means
  236. Vancouver PD yet another Police dept won't enforce and Mag ready to challenge new law
  237. tosluts.com reviews
  238. Phoenix Manifestation Law UPHELD on appeal
  239. Scottsdale active again - after no escort arrests for awhile
  240. Glad they cleaned up the streets for the Super Bowl
  241. (626) 731-4176 - any info?
  242. Project Rose May Return- is only on "hold" The Phoenix Victim Industry Gears up.
  243. Re: P411 used by LE
  244. Military Service
  245. Newbie in AZ
  246. Question So is it safe to go out yet?
  247. Ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn goes on trial for "aggravated pimping in an organized group".
  248. Phoenix FBI stings Superbowl
  249. Rescued sexworkers escape Rescue or refuse to be a rescue project
  250. 570 Sex Buyers Arrested in National Super Bowl Sting Operation