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  1. NFL Sapp arrested in Phoenix with escorts
  2. Funny I Blame.....
  3. Escort date goes bad with Las Vegas police detective accused of assault
  4. "Woman on top" is the most dangerous sex position
  5. Large U.S.Study shows bogus claims of ***** sex trafficking
  6. Seen a good movie lately?
  7. Fake Pics and Possible Stings
  8. Question Stripclubs to Visit in Phoenix?
  9. Providers Pledge
  10. 3 hours of fun cost more than he bargained for!
  11. International Travel
  12. Even TNA is not SAFE!
  13. Suspicious Ads
  14. Notice of phoenix human trafficking task force public meeting
  15. No one is answering....
  16. FBI takes down another popular adult massage site No more happy endings say the Feds Proprietor of ‘Sowet’ website indicted for promoting massage par
  17. Arizona Massage Board Actions
  18. Tempe Lawyer on entrapment stings:
  19. ZERO Escort Licenses issued by Phoenix! 20+ tickets for not having license Super Bowl Week
  20. Prostitution Rights at the heart of women’s rights in Canada. Why not in the U.S.
  21. Which hotel is okay in scottsdale area
  22. Phoenix Drops Charges Against Monica Jones However, manifestation law stands
  23. Phoenix, NY, D.C.& NY "W" Hotel At your service for hookers.
  24. Club Lace Update was at 2828 W Weldon - Swat raid 5/13/2014
  25. Melissa Farley’s discredited “research” Another example
  26. The Rise and Fall of RedBook, the Site That Sex Workers Couldn’t Live Without
  27. Lawsuit Challenges Prostitution Law
  28. CEASE with Police Grants in Phoenix Tougher police tactics stinging sex buyers
  29. for all the ladies out there
  30. Hottest, Sexiest, Most Fun Provider in Phoenix
  31. No Blacks Common in Escort ads question:
  32. How to build a ho's resume?
  33. Question How Good is Business?
  34. She Sounds Pissed
  35. trustaz.org
  36. Dr. Drew interviews Maxine about the Constitutional challenge to the prostitution laws
  37. Kicked back w/ a bowl of Strawberries!
  38. FYI Penis Transplant Successful
  39. Mesa shooting
  40. ISO info on this BP girl
  41. BP ad "Normal Model type" verification needed.
  42. FYI TOFTT - Whoa LadyMan
  43. Discussion Different BP Ad
  44. Colombia
  45. Easter Egg Hunt
  46. Latest Scottsdale Arrests
  47. Flagstaff Providers
  48. The American Rescue Industry: Toward an Anti-Trafficking Paramilitary
  49. Phoenix Prostitution Sting, Busts and Defenses Feldman Law Firm on YouTube highlights
  50. Lawmakers Say Strip Clubs Cause Men to Rape *****ren
  51. New Scottsdale Arrests
  52. Tech Startup Is Helping the Cops Track Sex Workers Online
  53. happyhookersofphoenix.com
  54. War on Porn Rebranded as War on commercial sex using the excuse of Sex Trafficking.
  55. TNA Swaps n Trades
  56. Update on Declaratory Lawsuit Challenging the Prostitution Law
  57. Sting Warning
  58. Burlesque Funerals - Strippers at funerals a grave offence
  59. 2 Ninth Circuit Decisions on Federal Sex Trafficking Act
  60. Massage "Happy Endings" Serious Crime in Tucson Six homes, businesses raided, assets seized
  61. Polaris trafficking scam now promoted by Choice Hotels.
  62. FYI New P411 Available Now Board!!
  63. Question Hall Pass
  64. Question Miss southern comfort
  65. Canada uproar over new law even the police won't enforce in most cities
  66. A&E Fake Reality show on sex trafficking exposed.
  67. Update: Lawsuit Challenges Prostitution Law: ESPLER Project Inc.
  68. Discussion Charity Bangs
  69. Pimp Warning
  70. Sexwork Interview of Canadian sexworker Myths vs Facts
  71. City of Tempe 2014 Annual Report Police Department
  72. Question New to the Hobby where to start?
  73. Interesting Legal Strategy
  74. Warren Sapp cuts plea deal to resolve Phoenix prostitution case
  75. So its your first time...Who?
  76. Tori Black (Armed and Famous) Porn Actress in Mesa...
  77. Is this a legit website?
  78. Website operator convicted of Federal facilitating prostitution charges
  79. Taylor
  80. More then one area?
  81. FYI Flagstaff warning
  82. Provider pictures
  83. XYZ - PMs are full
  84. Back in the hobby
  85. Sting in progress, north east phoenix.
  86. Stupid guys or LE - on BP
  87. Robbed by Mesa Cop?
  88. Cost of the take them to the Church pretend victims program
  89. Latest Sample Scottsdale Permit Arrests
  90. Phxgirls Herpes Warning!!
  91. New JVTA law sets up perverse incentives to treat everyday prostitution as sex trafficking.
  92. FYI In case you didn't read the paper today...
  93. Phoenix Police Sexwork Education Website
  94. 4 arrested in Yavapai County prostitution sting
  95. Why do Christians push for anti-sex laws?
  96. Constitutional Challenge to Prostitution Laws Update
  97. Solicitation of Prostitution = Crimes involving moral turpitude?
  98. Water Sports?
  99. How to Retire from the Hobby ?
  100. Question Dust Storms (KaBoob)
  101. WOW What is Up with the AZ HOBBY
  102. Tucson: 7 Police Officers linked to prostitution business
  103. Teens think up clever condoms that would change colors to indicate STD exposure
  104. No Credit Cards allowed for Backpage adult ads
  105. P411 Suspicious Report
  106. Police release 100s of names, notes from prostitution probe
  107. Sample of Latest Scottsdale Arrests
  108. Welcome New Lady to Town
  109. Phoenix July 6th began new End Demand Campaign
  110. Interview with ESPLERP Founder and Activist Maxine Doogan
  111. Tell MSNBC To Cancel Show Exploiting Sex Workers!
  112. Backpage files lawsuit against Thomas Dart, Sheriff of Cook Cty Il
  113. Canada Trip Reports
  114. Back Page wins restraining order against Cook County Sheriff
  115. Question Little Blue Pill
  116. Thousands of Tucson massage customers unlikely to be charged
  117. Bunny Ranch Pimp Dennis Hof Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking
  118. Strip club dancers indicted
  119. Update on Prostitution Challenge in Federal Court
  120. Prostitution Law Challenge in Federal Court Delayed.
  121. Arizona Court of Appeals Upholds Underage Police Sting Mandatory 7 to 21 years in prison with no eligibility for early release or parole.
  122. Homeless Stings
  123. Decriminalization Idea in D.C.
  124. Pimp Warning
  125. ***** prostitution charges: Bait & switch or entrapment?
  126. Project Blue Heat, Mesa police targeting prostitution and customers
  127. TER - Lux Verify Reported Fraud
  128. States Notice to use advertisements from TER and backpage
  129. One of the great pioneers of our time is gone.
  130. Funny Meme's - add you funny
  131. Fed Bust of Rentboys less serious than Phoenix Temple?
  132. Rentboy.com, Sexism, and “End Demand”
  133. Buy Sex Lose Everything Billboards in Phoenix
  134. Constitutional Challenge of Prostitution Law
  135. Sex Work and Civil Asset Forfeiture Increasingly Go Hand in Hand
  136. Funny Interesting Backpage video
  137. Discussion Why Anal Sex is now boring to me
  138. Any info on this lady?
  139. Kinky Kimberly
  140. No Escort License - Scottsdale Court Actions - Sample of many:
  141. Arizona Forfeiture Law Challenged by ACLU that is used against companions and drivers.
  142. Update on Five Felony prostitution results decided in Maricopa Superior Court.
  143. TER Reviews for sale
  144. More Rentboy rage
  145. Bachelor Party in Scottsdale. Any advice?
  146. Discussion Why this lifestyle Sucks
  147. Felony Pleas - Lots of update
  148. Two days with undercover vice detective
  149. 800,000 Syrians in Germany!
  150. Police raid 3 massage places and 3 homes
  151. Court Ruling on Prior Acts allowed as evidence
  152. Sexworkers can be arrested for trafficking themselves when they place ads.
  153. Arizona seeks to have TER reviews and especially Internet ads as evidence and not hearsay:
  154. Next LE Strike may be ads
  155. Cato Institute files Amici Curiae Brief in support of Backpage v. Dart (Sheriff of Cook County)
  156. Call to action to fight for consenting adult sexwork rights by supporting legal action now in process.
  157. Fake Ad using San Diego Escorts Pictures in Phoenix
  158. Phoenix attack on sexwork meeting
  159. Pet peeves
  160. Moving to Arizona
  161. Backpage.com wins injunction vs Chicago sheriff over adult ads
  162. Question Bitcoin
  163. Mutual Touch Massage Ad Question
  164. Natalie at the Hiliter
  165. Lifestyle Resorts??
  166. thinking of visiting next week?
  167. Discussion Why this lifestyle does not suck
  168. Discussion Safe incall locations?
  169. Arizona Scene
  170. Well hey there Phoenix
  171. What kind of porn do you like?
  172. **Swimming pools**
  173. Prostitution being changed in laws to sexual exploitation even if consenting adults:
  174. Challenge To Prostitution Law Update on Declaratory Judgement Complaint in U.S. District Court Northern California
  175. Homeland Security Asking Hotel Staff to Report Customers for Too Many Condoms
  176. Sick of Government Oppression
  177. Recent Bust Experience Report
  178. Dr. Ted Testimony on the need for comfort women the military provides etc.
  179. All Prostitutes Victims Testimony Commander Gallagher Bias Now with IT Phoenix Police but while a vice lieutenant involved in Project Rose and the in
  180. Question What is a regular?
  181. Wisdom on sexwork from Rentboy arrests
  182. Bill to Repeal Prohibition On Prostitution - Hearing and Press Conference
  183. Stop the war on adult sex workers!
  184. Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Myth Won't Go Away
  185. City, state leaders join forces to end sex trade
  186. Federal Challange to Prostitution Law Supplemental Brief
  187. Press Release: End The Anti-Trafficking Scam
  188. P411 Money Grab by Gina and again more suspicion of LE use reported by Maggie McNeil long time sexwork advocate blogger.
  189. Very Open Minded .... :)
  190. BettyJames
  191. Trafficking and Prostitution of Women in New Zealand
  192. Marco Rubio says he's "anti-prostitution."
  193. Sugar daddies pay tuition for asu students
  194. Discussion Informal Backpage Survey Results
  195. Discussion Phoenix Goddess Temple Madam Convicted
  196. Rose Garden Massage felony bust today
  197. Question Increased LE for Spring Training?
  198. Discussion Informal Backpage Survey Part 2
  199. No Right to BDSM Says Feds
  200. Social Perspective and the Phoenix Temple Raids (And much about positive aspects of sexwork)
  201. Funny Photoshop much?
  202. A short humor break?
  203. Question Any feedback on phxvipgirls Agency
  204. D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Call Log Bombshell Could Upend 2016 Race
  205. Challenge to Prostitution Law lost in Federal Court goes to 9th Circuit on appeal.
  206. Mesa Hotel Sting
  207. Don't have solicitation on the side of your truck!
  208. Views on the Rescue & Trafficking Industry Scams
  209. Sexworker Lost Appeal for False Tax Return - 33 months in prison
  210. Mesa Bust More details and new guy bust
  211. AZ Misty - died 3/1/2016 - concerns
  212. Update on two Felony cases in Maricopa Superior Court
  213. Undercover officer makes 'full-service' appointment after passing verification by a screening site.
  214. Discussion Queen of Spades
  215. Welcome, New Arizona Resident
  216. 21 Felony Indictment of popular Thai Massage Parlor update.
  217. Rant Bitch Stole My Pix
  218. Mass arrest of customer's / based on reviews
  219. Proposal to require ID for all prepaid/burner phones
  220. Massage Parlor Bust
  221. Another arrest 21 counts from BP ad only
  222. FBI can Hack Foreign Servers for evidence!
  223. Happy Birthday Sexy_Krystal
  224. Massage - Hormones - Dogs
  225. Lies, and More Lies by Phoenix LE
  226. Decriminalization Is the Only Feminist, Humane Response to Prostitution, Says Human-Rights Group
  227. My Hunt for Hard Times with Viagra Generics
  228. Interesting points about sugarbaby's
  229. Operation Code Red Army now in Phoenix for the week.
  230. Great interview of Selena of hotpinklist agency
  231. Supreme Court of Arizona Upholds under age stings by PD even if not seeking underage but tricked into it.
  232. Millennials turn to 'sugar daddy' prostitution to pay debts
  233. Higher Minimum wage vs Employment
  234. Yet another great consenting adult website shut down and administrator arrested on multiple counts. Might be an Arizona connection
  235. Rant Nude pics
  236. Really good talk about how our future in the hobby should look
  237. Would we change our anthem iike Canada?
  238. So far not much luck with sex dolls to replace a human for sex - However:
  239. moving Geneva! cant resist
  240. Studio Case Update
  241. Club Lace Update Maricopa Superior Court
  242. Mesa Blue Heat Entrapments Stings
  243. Paul W. Phoenix entrapment Case in Maricopa Superior Court
  244. Many guilty of a crime they never intended to commit entrapped by LE's bait-and-switch technique. AZ Republic reports questionable tactics used by pol
  245. I am finishing up some of the 2015 Mesa "Blue Heat" entrapment cases
  246. "Bicycle Guy" Red Roof Inn Black Canyon Entrapment Sting "Operation Blue Wave"
  247. Shangri-La, Enjoy, Waterwood Asian Massage Case Update
  248. Decriminalisation of sex workers in England and Wales backed by MPs
  249. Dave’s Many Reviews – Toronto June 2016 Trip Reports
  250. Noob Question