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  1. Court updates: Agency Case pled
  2. Inside the Rose Garden Bust (popular MP for decade on 7th Street)
  3. Terrible Post made on Phoenix tripadvisor forum allegedly from an admin of eccie.net has been removed.
  4. Massive Seattle police prostitution sting a ‘colossal waste of time’' Phoenix has a long history of similar stings
  5. Pacific NW Girls
  6. 3 Felony plea deals - Sample Court Updates
  7. Living near a brothel makes people feel 'safe and secure', reports new study
  8. Question recent asian ads with unrealistic photos
  9. Another felony bust makes the news :(
  10. PhxFantasy (PhxF) and Sultry Desires (SD) Agency information
  11. More Than 1,300 Prostitution Clients Arrests in Latest 'National Johns Suppression Initiative'
  12. The president's favorite brothel
  13. Just Curious!
  14. Sunset Strip - Search Warrants Issued and now closed
  15. Pimp ad on BP
  16. Alert Fake Cop and dangerous couple
  17. Discussion BBFS vs CFS
  18. Freshly Waxed Kitty!
  19. Sample Court Updates as of 8/31/2016
  20. antibiotic resistant gonorrhea in the U.S. increased four-fold from 2013 to 2014
  21. WikiLeaks and P411?
  22. good looking girl that doesnt need screening
  23. Looks like 7 more felony busts
  24. ISO - An Around the Way Girl
  25. Stingray Manuals
  26. Club Lace trial update
  27. Relaxation Station Indictments Update
  28. Give lessons
  29. Red Mountain Day Spa Bust
  30. Question outcall room number
  31. Police enjoy sexworkers - what a surprise
  32. Example of Escort Agency Fee splitting with gals data - But too bad in Toronto, not Phoenix
  33. Warning to any one that used "The Studio", aka The Self Serve Porn Studio aka The 40th Street Studio.
  34. Club Lacy Trial over - Jury found 3 guilty on all felony counts, other than for Cary
  35. Sex worker granted judicial review of prostitution laws
  36. Question Has anyone met up with the sisters?
  37. Devi Le Fay Mind Body and Soul Massage 10 indictments
  38. Relaxation Station Massage New Indictments of 8
  39. Bad Real Pimps also being arrested
  40. Arizona Outcall - Final Results
  41. Appeal Brief Filed 9/30/2016 at 9th Circuit challenging the prostitution law
  42. Dave's non-lawyer review of 9th Circuit ESPLER Case
  43. Dutch sex workers take charge of their own business- if only it was as safe and legal in the U.S.
  44. Vancouver Police, like Toronto and most other large cities refuse to enforce C36 for in private consenting adults. If only LE was as mature in the U.
  45. Need some suggestions..
  46. Question strip club scene in phoenix/chandler?
  47. Backpage owners arrested and BP apparently shutting down
  48. Woodhull Amicus Brief in support of ESPLERP challenge to prostitution law.
  49. ACLU Amicus Brief in support of ESPLERP challenge to prostitution law.
  50. Backpage attorney speaks and Phoenix history of backpage.com
  51. Discussion Unofficial Backpage Survey
  52. Nationwide sex trafficking operation last week
  53. Hi-Liter "Raid" = New Restrictive Rules
  54. Update on various felony cases in Maricopa Superior Court
  55. Amazing Spa Tempe Bust Update
  56. Many More Court Updates
  57. Strip Club Liquor License Issues etc.
  58. 9th Circuit Amicus brief lays out the harms of the prostitution law vs decriminalization
  59. Dangerous Client WARNING Why references and screening is so important
  60. Gang of 3 almost 4 with gal goes to Hi-Liter
  61. Phoenix Diversion Program
  62. Backpage owners case likely to be dismissed but AG will probably Appeal
  63. FYI Thank You For All The Good Times And All The Kindness You Have Shown!!
  64. Sexworkers joining Black Friday madness with big discounts on booking sites.
  65. After Election Sexworkers Fight Back
  66. So Sad in Court today
  67. "White Collar Crime" special condition for prostitution probation being applied in Phoenix
  68. Sample of Phoenix Court felony cases as of 11/30/2016
  69. What can an escort/companion do?
  70. Discussion Bug out
  71. FYI Stood Up by Mia Reed
  72. Pimp with Gun Robberies - Aries
  73. Question Sonny's in Chandler
  74. Know what the enemy is saying. Backlash against the ESLERP 9th Circuit case with the usual propaganda that decrim results in more victims.
  75. Bust: 12 More Men Face Felony Charges for Posting to Web Forum 'The Review Board'
  76. California Pursues New Pimping Charges Against Backpage.com
  77. Tucson cops involved in prostitution
  78. Mesa PD Press Release
  79. Hard Times: Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers To Help Workers Pay Student Loans
  80. Sample of Phoenix Court felony case Updates for 12/2016
  81. Porn related sexwork may be judged legal in Phoenix - Possible Break-thru Court Case
  82. Government censors BP adult section
  83. Time to Step up and suppprt 9th Circuit Decrim Case
  84. Backpage Shutdown Emergency Response Call
  85. Discussion 4/1 Anthem TNA Provider Orgy Party!
  86. Question HTML work needed for my friend
  87. Update on 9th Circuit challenge to prostitution law.
  88. Johns to face minimum 1 year in prison on first offense.
  89. FYI Louis Sirkin Explains ESPLERP Court Case
  90. Sex Trafficking: Connection between moral panic and laws that produce grotesque injustices.
  91. Phoenix Prostitution Diversion Program Bidding
  92. Maricopa County Attorney "Justice for all" reminds of Arizona Sex Trafficking Law
  93. BP escorts
  94. City worker falsely accused in prostitution sting gets $370,000
  95. Tributes to Fred Zed.
  96. I like this Sensual Training Session Ad
  97. Trump's Mythical Crackdown on Sex Trafficking
  98. Tax Dollars protecting us from dangerous Canadian sexworkers.
  99. The Hand Angels - A Heroic Volunteer Group That Provides Hand Jobs For The Physically Disabled
  100. High-value-for-money providers list
  101. Odd warning by CEASE/Mesa PD
  102. Country’s oldest bank by female sex workers opens it doors for male customers
  103. Why the fear for M&G's and my observations.
  104. Get on your bad motor scooter and Ride!
  105. Studio Case Update - Phoenix
  106. 2 Felony Massage case updates
  107. Club Lacy defendants guilty by jury update
  108. heading to Hi Liter Wednesday anyone want to join?
  109. Discussion Final Four in town
  110. Phoenix Felony cases with major actions in March 2017 since last Report
  111. Studio Case: Jury found guilty
  112. Yet another Secret Service agent caught with prostitute
  113. Question I'm Having Trouble Posting 🙄😬
  114. Danger from Hidden Cameras of customers
  115. Humor Break - Life in my neighborhood
  116. Good highlights from a long Ted Talk by a sexworker
  117. Funny Companions Love Teddy
  118. FYI CBS News Highlights: New Attitude about "Johns"
  119. Mayor Opens brothel run by the workers. If we would only learn from these harm reduction models vs U.S. laws creating harm.
  120. Discussion Donations are too damn high!
  121. FYI Hi-Liter Bad news
  122. 9th Circuit challenge to the California prostitution law & Canada reports
  123. Finger Print Clearance Info
  124. Arizona's Eliminate Prostitution Crusader Joins Trump as "human rights ambassador"
  125. Question Anyone up for s strip club crawl?
  126. Victoria, B.C. PD confirms again Harm Reduction Sexwork Model - If only such wisdom applied in the U.S. and Phoenix.
  127. "Sex Buyers Beware" ABC Nightline 6/28/2017
  128. Wwe
  129. Goddess Temple - Tracy Appeal Update
  130. Reviews as promoting prostitution Seattle Case Update
  131. Porn Studio Update
  132. Tempe Thai Incall
  133. Shangri-Li Massage Final plea
  134. Relaxation Station Massage Update (Phoenix)
  135. Devi Fe May Mind and Body Massage Update (Phoenix)
  136. 15 women indicted in Porn Studio case Final Update (Phoenix)
  137. Huge War Chest against sexworkers - the funding for fake victims is a huge business
  138. Phoenix Police arrested 454 Johns in July 2017
  139. Heated discussion on foreign workers and trafficking
  140. Stings
  141. Good Website
  142. Alex Jones Talks About Stings
  143. Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria
  144. Worst Branch of Government
  145. Worst Branch of Government
  146. still looking for that girl
  147. German brothels get new 'ethical sex seal' for prostitution
  148. Phx Porn Studio owner sentenced to 24 years in prison
  149. Lies and Slander
  150. Keep Your Companion Cool - APS Rate Change Analysis
  151. Husband Gets Human-Trafficking Charge for Driving His Wife to a Motel
  152. Phoenix has been identified by the Department of Justice as a major human trafficking destination
  153. Wiretapping Sex Workers, Punishing Pre-Crime, and National Strategy to Stop Sex-Buyers Approved by Senate
  154. FYI Join the Fight to Decriminalize Prostitution NOW
  155. A day at 4th Ave Jail, Meeting with Cty Attorney Montgomery., two judges, etc.
  156. FBI October 2017 Operation Cross Country Sting and other news
  157. Question Jessica Lorence - fake or real!
  158. 9th Circuit oral argument Highlights - challenge of prostitution law
  159. Feds Crack Down on New National Security Threat: Unlicensed Massages
  160. Pop-Up brothel issues raging New Phoenix Chief of police offers hope as arrests for 'pretend victims" has slowed it seems for now.
  161. 5 years trying to sting - gave up and traced her cell phone to arrest Case study of LE stake out a companion - massage gal and crazy false charges
  162. Question BP Ad Format
  163. Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 (SESTA) S. 1693
  164. What Happened to M10?
  165. Mesa Operation Sleigh Ride with fake good reviews
  166. Closing Checking and Credit Cards of Companions
  167. In Defense of sex worker's ads vs. trafficking
  168. Brothel operator accepts plea deal in Tucson prostitution probe
  169. Any "we are on to you" calls Scottsdale?
  170. Clients not John's Letter Highlights
  171. All I want for Christmas is the decriminalization of sex work
  172. Question Best Place to Browse for Escorts?
  173. Meet The Woman Who Could Decriminalize Sex Work
  174. Why laws against prostitution are unconstitutional
  175. 86 men arrested in Phoenix "sex trafficking" sting last month.
  176. FYI Lawsuit to Decriminalize Prostitution January 2018 Undate
  177. Discussion Generic Viagra
  178. Question Where Do the Strippers go?
  179. Lost 9th Circuit Challenge to Prostitution Law
  180. Mug Shot Removal
  181. A legal sex worker shares what it's really like to work in a brothel
  182. Seeking Arrangements (SA) seems concerned more after 9th Circuit transaction vs. intimacy factor.
  183. Sexy Escort Interactive Play Party Feb 1
  184. ESPLERP Update from the Ninth Circuit
  185. Army captain calls for prostitutes to visit soldiers on the front line to relieve stress
  186. The Danger of Reviews From Maggie McNeill public blog
  187. Discussion Phoenix Open is bad time to meet
  188. Tracy's Opening Brief Filed - Phoenix Goddess Temple Appeal
  189. “Queen of Spades”
  190. Phoenix recommendations
  191. 638 arrests and 9,114 deterred with bot in 15th National Johns Suppression Initiative operation, which ended Feb. 4.
  192. Cyber-blackmailing e-mail
  193. Best strip clubs?
  194. Escort sites may start shutting down as law passed the Senate on 3/21/2018. City Vibe immediately shut down
  195. TER just shut down all U.S. ad boards due to new law
  196. Craigslist Personals just shut down
  197. Congress Passes CLOUD Act Hidden in Budget Spending Bill
  198. Feds can pay award for turning in foreign violators of U.S. prostitution law.
  199. Lots of Scottsdale prostitution arrests and no escort license arrests
  200. FYI Announcement from Mr. J about Sesta/Fosta
  201. More shut down sites sadly
  202. 21 men arrested in Mesa prostitution bust
  203. FYI Escort Babylon Sites Are Down For USA
  204. TER has now blocked access from the US!
  205. Has Naughty Reviews Gone As Well?
  206. Backpage Has Been Seized By Feds-Site Down
  207. All of TER now shut down
  208. ECCIE Coming Up Blank
  209. Ex Post Facto?
  210. Reviews Apparently Useless?
  211. Toronto Question
  212. Gee, Legal board on TER getting posts
  213. Space Needle Campsite
  214. Discussion How to delete reviews
  215. Awkward
  216. Cheap Vehicles
  217. Forced Human Food Trafficking
  218. Craigslist Used Tires - Avoid
  219. Good Image Boards
  220. There’s Virtually No Such Thing as Voluntary Sex Work, Says DA
  221. Prostitution an approved employment skill for migrants
  222. Phoenix Godess Temple new motions
  223. Penis and scrotum transplant
  224. FYI Backpage CEO Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Charges
  225. Bondage lovers are using Donald Trump as a safe word during sex
  226. How an oil heiress attacked sex workers and their clients -or- How to weaponize privilege to wage war on prostitution
  227. ProtonMail big problems
  228. Pope Francis says prostitution is torture
  229. Naughtynsexy.com Sites are Down
  230. Question Providers in Sierra Vista
  231. Trafficking? more like trends and patterns...
  232. "Naughty Bits." Music video
  233. Ted Talk - The laws that sex workers really want.
  234. Utah Federal Lawsuit to Legalize Prostitution
  235. ESPLERP Update for May 2018
  236. For us, that hate little cell phone keys
  237. Any companion/s interested in a media interview?
  238. 9th Circuit Challenge Update after Defeat
  239. Why Are They Doing This?
  240. any girls here work at Hi Liter?
  241. Dennis Hof: A pimp, a brothel owner, a businessman and now GOP nominee in Nevada
  242. How do you gents do it?
  243. Question Looking for a house to rent
  244. Question Prescott
  245. providers in yuma
  246. Question phoenix area
  247. FOSTA - First Constitutional Challange
  248. RentaHitman.com
  249. Decriminalization Court Case Update
  250. FOSTA has stopped 90% of online sex trafficking, rejoices Republicans and one says "this is just the beginning".