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  1. Lawsuit to Stop FOSTA Gets Court Hearing, But Nothing Happens Judge Puts Off Decision on Granting Injunction Against ‘Sex Trafficking’ Law
  2. The right to choose to be a prostitute upheld in Canada -their harm reduction model
  3. Phoenix Strip Club Code Enforcement
  4. Phoenix resources or other ad sites??
  5. Question retired?
  6. Excellent 7 minute video The Young Turks talk about the sex industry in U.S.
  7. Rights Not Rescue: "A Sex Worker Town Hall
  8. 8/18/2018 Centerfolds Reopen & Great time - in fact....
  9. “We have shut down nearly 90 percent of the online sex-trafficking business and ads.”
  10. Huge article on current fight in court of Backpage founders Larkin and Lacey from Phoenix.
  11. Publicly funded drive-in sex booths where prostitutes work legally in Zurich are hailed a 'great success'
  12. 473 customers arrested July 25 to August 26, 2018
  13. New Phoenix Business Opportunity or Competition?
  14. Question touring the area info
  15. East Valley bust of 24
  16. Reviews
  17. FYI We Need Your HELP! at the Folsom Kink Fair Tomorrow!!
  18. Police now using sugar daddy sites to entrap.
  19. The Millionaire Abolitionist: Oil Heiress Swanee Hunt’s Crusade to Stamp Out Sex Work
  20. Reviews are now open
  21. Side effect of trafficking law: More street prostitution?
  22. Woodhull Freedom Foundation Appeals FOSTA Ruling
  23. Annalise Rossi
  24. Annalise Rossi - RIP
  25. Discussion $700 an hour
  26. Cop
  27. Trolls Reporting Sex Workers to the IRS
  28. “ThotAudit” trolls getting payment accounts canceled.
  29. Major STD concern of super bugs from unprotected sex
  30. Final Results of 7-year Phoenix Goddess Temple Case
  31. Collateral Damage TPD received a grant to stop sex trafficking. Why did they end up investigating consensual sex workers?".
  32. Sex vs intimacy men vs women?
  33. Good Positive Legal News
  34. Facebook’s Sex/Sexwork New Policy
  35. Brothel "fulfills social need" Swiss city rules
  36. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  37. Trump signed law that Ramps Up War on Sex Workers and Their Customers on 12/21/2018 after secret vote in Congress.
  38. Where to look now?
  39. Kate Cannes
  40. Discussion How to get arrested
  41. Arizona Lawmaker Wants a Tax on Porn To Fund Trump's Border Wall
  42. FYI porn targeted in AZ
  43. Scottsdale Warning about ads again
  44. Legislation to study the health and safety aspects of the prostitution law with the intent to support decrim.
  45. SWERFs Growing Attacks on all Forms of Sexwork
  46. Buying Sex Now Illegal in France
  47. FYI NPR Airs a Piece on Decriminalizing Sex Work on All Things Considered--Prime Time!
  48. Phoenix Goddess Temple - Tracy AZ Supreme Court Petition
  49. Yuma Arizona
  50. Stacey Abrams & Kamale Harris favor Decriminalizationof Sexwork
  51. Rant Another One Bites the Dust
  52. Info on rubratings Scottsdale with pool (310) 299-5630?
  53. Question Message Problem
  54. Question Anyone see Stacy
  55. STD Testing
  56. Question What’s up with so many ladies in Arizona offering cheap services?
  57. Chastity Lynn?
  58. The Backpage fight for escort ad sites in the U.S.
  59. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to decriminalize Sex Work
  60. Photoshoot
  61. Discussion Swaps and Trades
  62. Photographer from Seattle traveling to Phoenix
  63. .iia
  64. Question John mayer
  65. Best strip club in Phoenix area?
  66. Question Info pretty please!
  67. Funny Remember ME!?
  68. Providers in the Globe/ Miami area
  69. Canada Reconfirms Decriminalization = Safety If only the US was as smart.
  70. Board activity
  71. Question Any lawyers willing to trade services?
  72. FYI International Whores Day is Tuesday - Let's show our solidarity with sex worker rights!
  73. JP
  74. Question Why is Arizona so weak on this site?
  75. So excited to be visiting Phoenix/Scottdate! What's open out there?
  76. Question Great weather Mon/Tues! Anyone free to do some pics in Phoenix? TFP?
  77. Hey, all you Arizona cowboys. Can I get a drink at a bar
  78. Stopping by for a weekend visit any tips
  79. Flagstaff
  80. Providers
  81. Visiting Tuson
  82. What are your favorite sites in Arizona?
  83. Asking for help?
  84. Shit Is Crazy
  85. Question First time in Scottsdale
  86. FYI COME JOIN US! Beyond Sex Work Decriminalization: Possibilities and Priorities for Marginalized Sex Workers
  87. Review Specials
  88. Providers with no reviews
  89. Discussion What are good sites to use in Tucson?
  90. Question What are good escort websites to use in tucson
  91. Where’s the Love For A Thicker Women
  92. Question Best Hobby Boards in Phoenix
  93. Discussion Favorite restaurants
  94. Visiting in January
  95. Other Escort Sites = Blam
  96. Question Help an old friend out
  97. How is it done now?
  98. Freelance
  99. Question New Mexico
  100. Question Where should🍫 Aspen travel✈ to next ?🤗😻💦
  101. Question Best city to visit ?
  102. Question First time in AZ! Where should i go?
  103. Discussion Best Thai food around?
  104. FYI Making a respectful 1st impression
  105. Question Hotels in Phoenix and in Yuma
  106. Best strip clubs in AZ