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  1. My year
  2. Discussion Level the playing field
  3. local restaurants and my thoughts (rant)
  4. Discussion Got to thinking...
  5. A very warm welcome...
  6. Question Can somebody message mrpine?
  7. Question New on the board
  8. Discussion Swaps and trade
  9. FYI NPR Airs a Piece on Decriminalizing Sex Work on All Things Considered--Prime Time!
  10. Discussion ~*~*Hands Free Blended Orgasms Vibrator*~*~
  11. Sunday Night Photos
  12. Question Reputation
  13. Swap and trade ???
  14. Discussion Explicit photos
  15. Discussion Personal Messages
  16. Funny I figured it out!
  17. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday April Babies!! *~~
  18. FYI ***April....National Awareness Month***
  19. One year ago!
  20. Question Help..
  21. FYI Thank You
  22. Is she gone?
  23. burned too often
  24. ~A Positive Optimism for 2019~
  25. Question Swapping-ish? Advice?
  26. Question Verifying from other sites...?
  27. Discussion ❓❓❓ When Do You Know A Session Is Going South & What Do Yo Do When It's Going South ❓❓❓
  28. FYI ~*Provider Emergency Services*~
  29. Facials
  30. Informal poll: eating ass
  31. Kendra luv it
  32. When it rains it pours or cant win for losing!
  33. Discussion Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain!!
  34. Discussion May Baby
  35. Congrats!!! Old friend
  36. FYI ⚠️⚠️⚠️ A Warning Against Outing Others ⚠️⚠️⚠️
  37. Funny 🥡🥠 my fortune 🥠🥡
  38. Another one itews the dust!
  39. Need a little help from my friends.
  40. Discussion Anal
  41. Texas hobby sites
  42. Kitty Ads
  43. Something Positive
  44. Twin Falls
  45. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday May Babies*~~
  46. Question This weekend in Boise...?
  47. Question Just wondering
  48. FYI ~**~*~ Let's Celebrate~*~**~
  49. Laci Kaye from american idol.
  50. Question Sasquatch.....Red Rocket Penis? Or Human Penis?
  51. Discussion Respect & Edict
  52. Home hunting
  53. Question Please, don't bash me for this -- A closed mouth doesnt get fed?
  54. Question Does anyone know anything about Chief002100??
  55. Funny ~*~**To All Mother's Everywhere**~*~
  56. Bitcoin
  57. Anybody use the TDL Feature?
  58. The Past
  59. FYI Busy Life, keeps me away from TNA, but I am ALWAYS here
  60. Rant 😡😡😡😡 what the fuck is going on here??? This will be the death of the hobby 😡😡😡😡
  61. Question strange
  62. We are out. Thank you
  63. Question what do you guys think of this drama????
  64. Question Anyone Remember M*A*D******************....
  65. Question Anyone Remember********
  66. Provider fantasies
  67. memes
  68. Discussion My ATF list
  69. Kissing
  70. Discussion Judge less, love more
  71. Discussion ~**~To the Men and Women.....
  72. web cams
  73. The Truth
  74. FYI Pay it forward pay it back......
  75. Congratulations new baby boy
  76. Queen Charlotte - STG
  77. Discussion Thanks azure Dee for helping me out of a bad situation
  78. Time to weigh in on licking the clitoris
  79. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday JUNE Babies*~~
  80. [B]Fusco[/B]
  81. Discussion beyond the rainbows....
  82. Cosplay type of role play dress up?
  83. FYI 💗 I missed my peeps! 💗
  84. Safety!
  85. Hotels
  86. Question Eastern idaho to boise
  87. Discussion Whats your nickname
  88. Question Upgrading to premium with bitcoin!?
  89. Funny I can definitely say ive used sunglasses to stare🤣🤣
  90. Question When it feels good
  91. Question Boise
  92. Story time kids
  93. OH wait! are their some here? Another short bedtime story
  94. Funny Can you imagine the THINGS WE COULD DO!!!
  95. Question Preference - In Call or Out Call ?
  96. Quote of the day
  97. Private IC or Hotel IC??
  98. Discussion ~*~~**To All Dads**~*~
  99. Rant Why the little things?
  100. FYI Phone issues
  101. Question Are there any ladies who would be willing to let me use their hotel room for a date or 2? (I'll pay my due$😉)
  102. Funny Name that movie
  103. Discussion In calls unavailable
  104. Potential stalkers
  105. Idaho Falls?
  106. FYI The Round Table
  107. Face fucking/ Gagging
  108. FYI Meeting of the round table
  109. Question ~*~Nickname thread?~*~
  110. Missing the action :(
  111. Idaho Falls Providers?
  112. SLC Murder
  113. The BLOCK or ignore feature good or bad?
  114. Im a professional. And am back and better then ever!. And also donít appreciate not care for negative in necessary alerts by men with small dicks.
  115. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday July Babies*~~
  116. White knight ........
  117. Discussion The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Sexually Before Dying
  118. Discussion Red Dot? Really?
  119. Premium Access and Reviews?
  120. Discussion Respect, Honor, Being A Gentleman and Board Presence
  121. Family re union/Wedding
  122. Discussion The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Sexually Before Dying
  123. Funny Hobby Jokes.... Lets hear your best hobby related jokes
  124. Discussion Screening... asking for a Drivers License or Picture?
  125. Discussion One hobbyists perspective on why I hobby
  126. Discussion Posting of ALERT ThreADS
  127. Discussion 😊😊😊😊 The Truth About Premium Memberships And Reviews 😊😊😊😊
  128. Trade out
  129. Discussion Reviews? Are they worth looking at any more?
  130. Question Motorbunny Machine
  131. Question In the land of hobby if a tree falls it makes a lot of noise
  132. Father Not Gay Just Friendly confession threAD
  133. Question Look up in the sky, itís a bird, itís a plane...
  134. Question Sasha
  135. Question Lewiston / Clarkston and Pullman / Moscow?
  136. Riders
  137. Discussion Party
  138. Photoshoot
  139. Question Ngjf
  140. Question Swapping
  141. Discussion He's Back.....& back again....& again...
  142. Funny Washed out today
  143. Discussion Love the hobby... Hate the communication skills of providers. Well sort of.
  144. Ignore Lists?
  145. Question Dumb Question: So many stunners in Idaho, how do I choose (recommendations/where to start!?)
  146. Discussion Boise Ladies ... So nice ... You love your town!
  147. Funny North Idaho /Post Falls hobbit ex wife road rage...
  148. Just got back into town and wanted to say Hi ;)
  149. Kind of bummed
  150. Discussion Men's Reproductive Health (also, I brought the funny)
  151. Bella from STG?
  152. FYI ~*~**I Owe You Ladies....And a few good men......
  153. Is it just me?
  154. Gentlemans clubs!
  155. ~~*Happy Birthday August Babies*~~
  156. Question Another hot week in Boise, what do you do to stay cool?
  157. Discussion Inquiries....This Is How We Do It!!!
  158. My apology's
  159. Missoula
  160. Hello to all!
  161. Question Trades/services ❌BMW mechanic ❌
  162. Rant Good Morning
  163. Question Agency's
  164. Question Infractions
  165. FYI 4 local amps busted in nampa
  166. Discussion ***It's not about the destination...REVISED.?
  167. Backpage - A Long, but Interesting Article
  168. Question Who takes the amazing photos of u beauties??
  169. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday September Babies*~~
  170. ❓❓❓❓ Nothing Lasts Forever...... How Do You It's Time To Walk Away ❓❓❓❓
  171. Question Info on Miss teaira
  172. city x guide
  173. The New BP
  174. Discussion Pretty Boring In Idaho on A Friday Night! Lol
  175. Funny Funny taglines to start your day with a laugh
  176. Discussion Safety always...
  177. Discussion Permission first....
  178. Funny Loud male Orgasms
  179. Jokes kendra started it
  180. Rant Last minute cancellations for stupid reasons
  181. Funny Party in my mouth...
  182. Suggestion to providers
  183. Beards...
  184. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday October Babies*~~
  185. Question Group (4+)
  186. Short Hair on Women
  187. Discussion Let's all play Ostrich
  188. Question Red rep points
  189. Offer lessons?
  190. Funny Some peopleís children
  191. Discussion A cautionary tale
  192. Trying To Upgrade Without The Delays
  193. Daty
  194. Discussion Multifaceted postÖ Finding new providers and being successful in getting what you want
  195. Discussion Providers and Law Enforcement... WA Discussions
  196. Question Slow site. Alternatives?
  197. City X Guide
  198. Hurt feelings!
  199. possible duo partner?
  200. Discussion My Tribute to My Dream Girl
  201. Rant What the fuck happened Boise?!!! And people ask why I don't come back as often. Lol
  202. Inspired by DCBALLER Hobbyists announcing retirement
  203. Rant Excuses, excuses!
  204. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday November Babies*~~
  205. And here I go...
  206. Funny ~~~Fantasy Football~~~~
  207. Question What is your fantasy or dream date?
  208. To all our Veterans
  209. Question Reviews with no acknowledgment, why or why not?
  210. Discussion Review or not review.....what is the purpose?
  211. Question If you could travel where would you go?
  212. Question What is one of the sexest thing that has happened to you?
  213. Reviews for hobbyists
  214. Question Do you prefer a shower or a bath with someone?
  215. Happy birthday azure dee!!!
  216. Discussion Mad
  217. The Business
  218. Question Things I never.....
  219. Amy Marks
  220. B-DAY lunch for Dee
  221. Question Looking for wisdom on a provider
  222. Question Recommendation for a photographer
  223. Discussion Beer, Wine or Whiskey?
  224. Banners?
  225. Question *~*~To be...or Not to be....
  226. Discussion *~*To Be Thankful.....
  227. Question Planning ahead, any info is greatly appreciated
  228. Rant I can't believe I'm saying this...
  229. Question Tis the season for pie.
  230. Xmas gift ideas
  231. Question Newbie Friendly Providers?
  232. FYI ~~*Happy Birthday December Babies*~~
  233. ashley madison
  234. Adult conversation about Rescheduling fees
  235. Discussion Great reviews bad experience?
  236. Question Sugar Baby
  237. FYI ~**~*Dec 17th, International Day.....
  238. FYI Im getting a new number/ and
  239. FYI ~~~*~Reviews on TER have been reinstated!!!!
  240. FYI **~*~A Christmas Wish~*~**
  241. Role play visits, so cool
  242. Discussion All I want for Christmas...
  243. Question Nipple piercer needed 🤣
  244. Merry Christmas Thread
  245. Cazy passes away
  246. Discussion Demographics
  247. Rant Sadly I saw on a post
  248. Issues with STG?
  249. Discussion ~~*2019 In Review*~~
  250. FYI New years Eve Get Together! Starts at 3pm