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  1. Where else you can find my Pics

    So with the whole everyone worried of turing into Cronozombies I am going to make sure there is more access to my Pictures and Info for those practicing " Self Care "

    I still will only see in person people with Profiles and References without exception. But for those less fortunate to not meet my screening requirements you will at least have other options.

    So the obvious first ( The following are clickable Links )

    My Website

  2. Vouch and Reference info.

    With the ability to look at who we all have vouched or referenced I am instituting a policy that after a year any vouches I have given will be removed unless a more current visit has happened to renew that vouch.

    Many things can change in a year and I feel for the the safety of the community and other providers using a Reference or Vouch that is older then that without a updated visit is just not right.

    If you have any question or want to renew your vouch from me ...
  3. 18 basic in-call etiquette rules for clients

    While there are numerous rules for how to behave during the booking process and during the actual encounter, few rules are ever officially addressed about how a client should conduct himself when he goes to an escorts in-call for some fun. Escorts really do see it all from the bad to the good. Some report that clients have left their bathrooms flooded, floors dirty and furniture broken. When an escort puts her trust in you to come to her working in-call for an encounter, you should make a concerted ...
  4. Outfit Suggestions..

    OK, So I constantly try to come up with something new to take pictures in. And am drawing a blank for my next pictures if you have a suggestion post it up as a response. If its good I will gladly send special pictures to you for the Idea.

    And of course I know the obvious ones...

    Updated 02-16-2019 at 10:09 AM by ScarlettMay

  5. My Screening Requirements **Updated 2/6/2020**

    Just so there is no real question of what I require for screening.

    * Must be a active member of this board for a minimum of 9 months.***
    * Must at least have 3 Vouches from Known providers in good standings.
    ** "This means providers on the board longer than 1 year.
    * Or a single vouch from only select few providers that I trust their screening.
    * Either of these the Vouches must come in the last 9 months anything older doesn't count.

    Updated 03-12-2020 at 07:43 AM by ScarlettMay

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