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  1. Reputation points? What, Why & How?!

    All threads, reviews, ads, etc. have a little 'sheriff' star in the bottom, left corner. The easiest way to understand the concept of 'reputation points', is to think of them like 'FB' likes. It's a way for people to approve (like = green bars ), or dissaprove (dislike = red bars) people's contribution to the community.

    I know that's a 'simplified' way of thinking, but it's no less accurate. Another words.... Definitely take into account (and research) why someone has red, or green.
  2. Newbie Hobbyist Advice in 10 Simple Steps

    As a 'Newbie' friendly provider, I find myself frequently being asked the same questions. So to write it down in an accesible way to all, seemed prudent at this point. This is intended to be Helpful & Informative....
    so continue reading with that spirit in mind ❤️

    *Please note that everything mentioned in this blog is based on my personal experience & the input of my several lovely partners. Others may have different methods/opinions.

    1) Read ad THOROUGHLY

    Updated 02-12-2020 at 03:14 PM by Harlow

  3. New Provider Advice ❤️

    Please note that this blog is meant to be helpful & ALL advice given here is based on my Personal experience. Opinions may vary. And I Completely respect that! I'm constantly trying to improve myself & believe very strongly that it takes a village. This is merely my contribution.

    As far as being a 'good provider' and getting yourself established in the lifestyle, as well as on the board. My advice is as follows.

    1) Be Yourself ❤️
    Be genuine.

    Updated 02-12-2020 at 12:04 PM by Harlow

  4. How to add friends ❤️

    How to send a friend request:

    1) Visit the person's profile by clicking on their avatar

    2) The fourth box down (under their avatar) you'll see a box that says 'add friend's

    3) Click that to add them as a Contact

    4) It will ask you.... Would you also like to add as friend? Click yes

    5) Friend request has been sent

    To accept a friend request:

    1) Go to 'settings' found on top of page in black Nav ...
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    How to set up appointment:
    Setting up an appointment with me is as easy as pie! Shoot me a PM to verify your handle. (No references necessary, newbies are welcome). Follow up with a text, 360.464.7864 & let me know your handle, desired time & day to meet. I'll ask your name, pencil you in & we're good to go. For best availability 24/48 hours is recommended.

    What can I expect at our visit:
    You come in & are greeted with a hug... Settle in, grab a beverage

    Updated 01-21-2020 at 11:28 PM by Harlow


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