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  1. Overnight vs. overnight ADVENTURE.

    Yes, there is a huge.... HUGE... difference.

    The 20 hour overnight is just that. 20 hours. Overnight. Of my time and my time alone. All other expenses are covered by you and you get to have all control of the schedule. This is 1400... which broken down is just $70 hr.

    This is the deluxe, Cadillac, jackpot version of that. You have ZERO input on the plans. (Okay, you have some input.)
    But I find out what you like to do... where you like to go... what you like ...
  2. brunettebrilliance

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeymikepdx View Post
    SO after admiring her post I had to call and see BB. She was Absolutely Beautiful! I had come by for a QV so time was a wasting. I went down to experience some of the Cute Kitty. As she tasted amazing 5+ min later I decided to go for it. It didn't take me too long to finish as this pretty, soft skinned, better in person member was handleing my member.

    Thanks for a great first visit. See you Again soon.
  3. Great time with brunettebrilliance

    Quote Originally Posted by JockoD View Post
    Spent a wonderful and relaxing hour with BB. Communication was easy and she arrived within minutes of the scheduled time. Note it's a pleasure to watch her undress 'cause she looks better and better the more she takes off. And then we spent a few minutes in conversation. I admit I was in no rush at this point because it was damn erotic having the kind of conversation you'd have with maybe a business associated except that she was naked and hot.

    I'll leave the details to others
  4. Fun late night

    Quote Originally Posted by Hickman View Post
    I don't see providers often but I'm glad I had the chance to meet brunettebrilliance. She has the classic the face of a gnd and wonderful fit body. The most appealing part of the time spent with her is how she makes you feel. She really wants you to be satisfied. I will be visiting her again soon.
  5. Brunettebrilliance is a home run!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2015itsallgood View Post
    Very hot, very sexy...all the previous positive reviews are accurate. She made time for me last minute and didn't disappoint. Totally wish I could date this girl. Hope to see you down this way again soon sweetie or maybe I'll make a trip up north if I have too!
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