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  1. Made The Big Move.....Now I Need Some Help

    Hello Everyone,

    I know those of you that have known me over the past few years and that have just watched me from afar has heard me talk about moving up to Seattle area. Well, I'm finally here, since I made the big move, I came up here with barely anything. So, I'm starting completely over. I'm writing this hoping that I can reach out and get some help from my followers. There's a few main things I'm looking to get help with.

    New Home

    Right now, I'm
  2. Duo partners :))

    Hey guys I thought I would make a page to show you the ladies I currently offer duos with

    In Seattle:

    Sofia Vivana <3
    Name:  20190221_202622.jpg
Views: 17
Size:  234.4 KB

    Gorgeous, incredibly intelligent classic beauty. We get along amazingly and I'm kinda in love with her. You might have a heart attack from this duo.

    Maia Oliver <3
    https://www.tnaboard.com/member.php?...aia_oliver_pnw ...
  3. FOR *PORTLAND* ONLY: SEMI-RETIRING in 1 to 2 week(s)⏳ What does that mean for me/you??? Details inside! ⤵

    I am an even more low volume local than I used to be, I barely see any friends these days and will continue to become even more selective with whom and how often I see people in the Portland area. Due to the way things have been around here I am switching to ONE of the following in a week or two:

    • Only accepting 1 to 2 NEW client(s) a MONTH in Portland ...OR...
    • Stop seeing NEW clients in Portland entirely/ONLY see returning clients.

    I recommend meeting me ASAP if hoping

    Updated 03-11-2019 at 11:02 PM by princess_penelope

  4. Going on a Vacay...

    Remember when I said I was going UTR... well what had happened was ... lol.

    I realized during my interview phase that $15-16 DOE will not be suffice to support all my obligations. Working 9-5 (wake up at 6-7am most likely), and then providing after work isnít realistic at first. I would be pretty tired for my first couple weeks to a month...

    I have to wait for some obligations to expire before moving to my exit phase. I am going on a break end of May and I will not ...

    Updated 03-01-2019 at 10:22 AM by Aalana Kane

  5. Outfit Suggestions..

    OK, So I constantly try to come up with something new to take pictures in. And am drawing a blank for my next pictures if you have a suggestion post it up as a response. If its good I will gladly send special pictures to you for the Idea.

    And of course I know the obvious ones...

    Updated 02-16-2019 at 10:09 AM by ScarlettMay

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