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  1. Notice of Rate Increase July 1st


    Hi Everyone!

    First off , I want to thank everyone for making this last year on the board so successful for me! In order to provide even better service, allow more time for last-minute bookings and turn away less potential clients due to a fully booked schedule, I have decided to raise my rates. My new rates will be effective for my tour cities April 17th.

    My new rates will be effective in Portland starting June

    Updated 04-17-2024 at 02:51 PM by Sloan.PDX

  2. What is Tantra?

    This is a practice that originates from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sensual practices that focus on creating a deep sexual connection. During this connection, the aim is to be present in the moment to achieve a sensual and fulfilling experience.

    It's a deeply connective processes of getting to know one’s body and/or one’s partner’s body, how to prepare, and building the moment both alone and with a partner. It also covers (conscious) breathing techniques, positions, and facilitates ...
  3. Fetish | Kink | Sensual Domination Offerings

    Are you looking to explore beyond the 'Vanilla' and delve into the "Strawberry" and possibly "Chocolate" deliciousness that Fetish and Kink offers? I would be delighted to be your personal tour guide into the exciting and delicious realm of these different pleasure profiles! Listed below are a few of my favorite activities to explore with my very sexy friends! Take my hand and let's walk this sexy journey together!



    Updated 02-29-2024 at 05:36 AM by Lady Jezebel

  4. Finding local VS traveling providers

    Unfortunately there’s no definitive answer on this one. You can narrow down your search by state & then town - but there’s NO way to specify ‘resident providers’ VS ‘traveling providers.’

    If you see a provider post in your area and they don’t specify if they’re visiting, or live there - you can hop over to the providers page & glance at their posts. That’ll give you an idea.

    For example - if you look on my page you’d see I Only post in Olympia. So it’s safe

    Updated 02-05-2024 at 10:58 AM by Harlow

  5. Next Level Tantric Relaxation - What to Expect! 1 hr & 90 min

    Not being allowed to post details on the board can be confusing and stressful when trying to decide on what option might be right for you! Here I will do a breakdown (as much as I can safely) as to what to expect in my sexy sessions!

    Prep Time:

    I ask all guests to take a QUICK refreshing rinse of all the hot spots (don't forget your booty!), and utilize the mouthwash provided once they arrive. This paves the way for the best hobby experience. I have non-alcohol based ...
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