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  1. See/Saw

  2. The Argument

  3. Erotic Online Connection and Fantasy Play

    Hello naughty gents...

    Have you danced with the idea of erotic play from a cerebral standpoint? Does sexy stimulating fantasies get your mind racing and your body reacting? Does the thought of reading those words over and over again make your heart skip a beat?

    I would love to engage with you in a very sensually verbose and potentially hypnotic way...allowing our minds and thoughts feed off the energy we create!

    The idea of exploring each ...
  4. Dick Pic Rating ~ Oh the possibilites!

    This is a very popular and under rated sexy interaction/connection!

    Much like boobies, penis's are very UNIQUE! ;-)

    As a lover of men and their vast array of manhood presentations, I'm continually honored being able to share my detailed thoughts in a way that is indeed complimentary and can even be intensely thought provoking!

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be studied in this very sensual way? To hear the potential ways a sexy woman ...
  5. Cancellation Policy

    I understand that life happens...

    [B]Time is a precious commodity to be valued and to be respected.
    Mutual respect for is essential for a continued, engaging and sexy professional relationship.

    Sessions cancelled within 2 hrs of the appt time will require a 25% rebooking tribute. If you NO SHOW/NO CALL, you will be asked for 50% of visit to reschedule, payable prior to rescheduling.

    In the rare event that I need to cancel or reschedule ...
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