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  1. Dick Pic Rating ~ Oh the possibilites!

    This is a very popular and under rated sexy interaction/connection!

    Much like boobies, penis's are very UNIQUE! ;-)

    As a lover of men and their vast array of manhood presentations, I'm continually honored being able to share my detailed thoughts in a way that is indeed complimentary and can even be intensely thought provoking!

    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be studied in this very sensual way? To hear the potential ways a sexy woman ...
  2. Cancellation Policy

    I understand that life happens...

    Time is a precious commodity to be valued and to be respected.

    Mutual respect for is essential for a continued, engaging and sexy professional relationship.

    Sessions cancelled within 2 hrs of the appt time will require a 25% rebooking tribute. If you NO SHOW/NO CALL, you will be asked for 50% of visit to reschedule, payable prior to rescheduling.

    In the rare event that I need to cancel or reschedule ...
  3. Tabatha explains touring...

    As a provider that does 90 percent of my sessions on tour, I understand the ins and outs of touring. Some people love to hit the casino and take chances. I am NOT one of those people! But touring and be unpredictable. I was just planning a tour with a PNW provider this week, and telling her that she would need to invest about $2000 for a 10 day trip to the East Coast with me. And that is with sharing a space. if she went solo, it would be $3000. So if she travels one day to get there, and one day ...
  4. No Rest for the Wicked 🏥 Finally Home from Hospital...I need rest but I have No choice, Providers Don't Get Sick Time

    Oh I am so glad to be home! Being in a hospital for 10 days, getting out feels like getting out of jail. Lol. I am better, but very tired and weak. I'm going to rest as much as I can so I can.start seeing clients by Friday.....hopefully.
    For the time being I'll only be able to offer cock worship visits, but that's mostly my specialty anyways.

    I was not expecting to have my life thrown into chaos like this. A trip to the ER turned into surgery and a long hospital stay. ...
  5. October - Let's Make a Deal Special - Details and such


    So for the month of October I am just having a good time and making deals left and right. I love the Hobby. And while that is true, another truth is that there are many points of confusion, frustrations, negativity and other things to complain about.
    Instead of complaining, haggling and getting offended or frustrated why not have some fun, bless those who bless me and give opportunities to some who may not otherwise be able to afford to hobby or to hobby as
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