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  1. New rules for vouches

    Quote Originally Posted by Aalana Kane View Post

    If I have not seen u within 2018 (that is six months)

    I am removing my vouch for u. ITS NOT PERSONAL. I still want u to come see me

    It’s just business.

    I have return discounts for regulars- which I have designated for those I have vouched for.

    If you haven’t seen me in over six months you’re not a regular

    If u have ever written me a review — u will be grandfathered into another
  2. Status update :

    So I planned to be finished With school by spring quarter (this quarter); but one class I needed to finish my associates Degree was not offered; till the summer. So I then thought summer would be my final quarter. NOPE!!! Since, I am on the “Deans Honor List”, i was informed of some additional educational opportunities:

    This ..... “The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all four-year colleges and universities ...
  3. Rate changes

    [CENTER]Beginning June 6th I will be raising my rates to 575-2hrs 475-90min 300hr 250-45min 200hh 120qv. The donations listed below are FULLY INCLUSIVE!!!

    All my returning clients will be grandfathered in at my old rates. 500-2hrs 400-90min 260hr 200 45min 160hh 120qv.

    I will also only be working from 8 am-4pm and 6pm to midnight. Anything between 4 - 6pm and midnight - 8 am must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance.
  4. Travel Schedule 5/9-5/20

    5/19 - 5/21{Tukwila}
    5/21- 5/22{Bellevue}may change
    5/22 - 5/24 {Lynnwood}
    5/24 - 5/26 {Bellingham}

    Prebooking is encouraged to ensure your visit!!
    I will also be implementing new work hours soon as well. This is to ensure that I still get my rest and the time to take care of myself!![/CENTER]

    Updated 05-18-2018 at 07:40 PM by Bootyful Brittney

  5. Tonight's discussion - Verification

    [B][SIZE=5][COLOR="#800080"]Okay everybody, I'm sitting here and checking out the board and stumble apon a providers page. So I'm checking it out and see she's 22. I notice the not verified.. Surprises me. Usually young girls need to be verified. Hum, OK. Notice 66 vouched, him Damn... That's a busy 22 year old... OK about page.. Oh hang on, been on the board since 2012.. Oh wait, Damn so shes been working since 16 or 17...ok now I'm thinking...
    Why don't all providers need to ...
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