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  1. My list of DONíTs

    ēI do not offer anal.
    óó I know itís on my menu but itís listed as an extra fee. I need to change it because I recently stopped offering it. I only offer it to very VERY few clients WHO ARE REGULARS because I enjoy it wth them. This is something that takes time trust and I must really like u
    do not ask because Iíll tell u (Clients who have received random surprise anal know what Iím talking about)

    ēI do not see newbies (part A)
  2. Guy threatens to write an UNWARRANTED alert on me (I HAVE SOLID PROOF)

    Sorry for the long post, I have never dealt with anything like this before... I have never posted an alert (really need to start though) and I have NEVER received one myself, or even had someone threaten to write one on me... So I decided to write this as a blog hoping people will see it :/

    IF he does in fact write an unwarranted alert on me, please contact me for SOLID PROOF that I did nothing wrong. I have screenshots to prove ALL of this, including the times he contacted me previously ...

    Updated 11-11-2018 at 07:07 AM by princess_penelope

  3. Planning/considering WA & OR Tour...

    WA cities I'm considering visiting:

    OR cities I'm considering visiting:

    Keep an eye out as I am highly considering a last minute trip somewhere very soon!

    Note: I will most likely be requiring a deposit & a certain amount of confirmed interest before confirming trip(s). Please let me know ASAP when/where you hope me to visit!

    Updated 10-27-2018 at 01:48 PM by princess_penelope

  4. 🔥Naughty Angels' Heavenly Halloween bash🔥It will be a wicked good time🎃

    Quote Originally Posted by SquirtingFarrahFaucet View Post
    💥 Heavenly Halloween Bash💥

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet 4 naughty Angels' waiting to fulfill your hottest fantasies! Imagine the fun! Costumes, friends and I'll bring my toys..😏 Only a few days left to sign up!


    October 26th 11am-1pm and 7-9pm
    Bellevue (huge jacuzzi suite)
    12 gentlemen participants
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images  
  5. Direct menu link

    The following link leads to explicit information you must be over the age of 21 to view said information

    Following webpage is not affiliated with Tna in anyway*aalanashouseo...breakdown.html
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