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  1. How You Could Help Me.....

    First off, Thanks for taking the time to read and caring enough to even have any interested in my "Hectic Life!" Right now, I'm going through a huge transition with relocating and trying to start my life over again from scratch. To be honest....it's more than I can deal with on my own....so here I am trying to evaluate my life and the people in it and I realized I don't have friends anymore. I can literally count them all on one hand. Which leads me to this very moment in my ...
  2. Need Some Help....Looking for a Place to Rent in Seattle.


    As everyone knows I've been trying to move to Seattle for the past couple years. Now that I've started my transition to Seattle, I'm having difficulty finding a place. Between the expense of hotels, even Airbnb's, cost of food, etc....its paying a toll on my funds...let alone trying to save for a place is nearly impossible when spending 3k-6k/month just on rooms.

    Its wearing me down...and honestly, I'm starting to lose hope. I wanted to move up here to start over ...
  3. Wasn’t exactly what I expected

    This is an extremely late reply to a review that honestly took me by surprise!! I have not had the words to reply .....in fact i dont really know how this is going to turn out, but here goes!....!

    #3-i never agreed to wearing any outfit, you asked me to wear it....and i never even had a chance to respond to your request because the subject had changed to something else before i had a chance to!

    #4- throughout our entire date you never showed any kind of frustration,
  4. Why I block

    Reasons I block:
    - Racism & Colorism
    - Transphobia (Assholes, [email protected] & T3rfs)
    - Homophobia
    - Harmful Politics
    - You seriously get on my fucking nerves

    Reasons I softblock:
    - You harrassed a friend
    - Uncomfortable
    - I'm not comfortable supporting you.

    Stay out of my DMs.
  5. Day One with new vehicle FAQ

    Okay so you get your new car/truck what be it delivered later today. You're stoked as fuck and feel like a million bucks. Here are some of the first things you need to do on day one.

    Apply a good layer of wax (creme/paste/gel) on top of that foundation of wax give it a layer of spray wax, preferably a spray wax with both carnauba and, silicone. Do the same steps for the wheels too.

    Rain-X since you have a virgin windshield and windows now, put two coatings ...
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