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  1. Notice of Rate Increase July 1st


    Hi Everyone!

    First off , I want to thank everyone for making this last year on the board so successful for me! In order to provide even better service, allow more time for last-minute bookings and turn away less potential clients due to a fully booked schedule, I have decided to raise my rates. My new rates will be effective for my tour cities April 17th.

    My new rates will be effective in Portland starting June

    Updated Yesterday at 02:51 PM by Sloan.PDX

  2. What is Tantra?

    This is a practice that originates from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sensual practices that focus on creating a deep sexual connection. During this connection, the aim is to be present in the moment to achieve a sensual and fulfilling experience.

    It's a deeply connective processes of getting to know one’s body and/or one’s partner’s body, how to prepare, and building the moment both alone and with a partner. It also covers (conscious) breathing techniques, positions, and facilitates ...
  3. Fetish | Kink | Sensual Domination Offerings

    Are you looking to explore beyond the 'Vanilla' and delve into the "Strawberry" and possibly "Chocolate" deliciousness that Fetish and Kink offers? I would be delighted to be your personal tour guide into the exciting and delicious realm of these different pleasure profiles! Listed below are a few of my favorite activities to explore with my very sexy friends! Take my hand and let's walk this sexy journey together!



    Updated 02-29-2024 at 05:36 AM by Lady Jezebel

  4. Finding local VS traveling providers

    Unfortunately there’s no definitive answer on this one. You can narrow down your search by state & then town - but there’s NO way to specify ‘resident providers’ VS ‘traveling providers.’

    If you see a provider post in your area and they don’t specify if they’re visiting, or live there - you can hop over to the providers page & glance at their posts. That’ll give you an idea.

    For example - if you look on my page you’d see I Only post in Olympia. So it’s safe

    Updated 02-05-2024 at 10:58 AM by Harlow

  5. Next Level Tantric Relaxation - What to Expect! 1 hr & 90 min

    Not being allowed to post details on the board can be confusing and stressful when trying to decide on what option might be right for you! Here I will do a breakdown (as much as I can safely) as to what to expect in my sexy sessions!

    Prep Time:

    I ask all guests to take a QUICK refreshing rinse of all the hot spots (don't forget your booty!), and utilize the mouthwash provided once they arrive. This paves the way for the best hobby experience. I have non-alcohol based ...
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