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  1. Giving away my dog

    Quote Originally Posted by scooby2 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BOB ONTHIS View Post
    You are a strange individual....what does your diatribe have to do with re-homing the OP's dog?
    Sir, your word salad spews from your word salad shooter as does vomit spew from Irish Americans' faces during the celebration of St. Patrick's death.

    Consult a pedagogue then return and attempt to engage me a second time, you pedantic knave!

    I couldn’t resist keeping this gem
  2. **UPDATES BLOG** (PLEASE READ) xoxo ❤❤❤❤❤

    This post is a follow up from my last updates blog, link here:

    NOTE: These updates/changes are for a few reasons but the main reason would be due to the way things have been in the hobby around PDX. Things did not used to be this way, not sure what happened over the last year or so but...

    • Regular PDX availability: Outcall -OR- 2 Hour+ Incall by Request

    Updated 01-13-2019 at 10:12 PM by princess_penelope

  3. Holly Hoofing it slowly

    Quote Originally Posted by Dahlia Demure View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OneMoreNiceGuy View Post
    Yeah Asha is bad news. A man hater in the flesh. Shouldn’t be in the biz. “
    So....... I just gotta ask since nothing on your profile gave any indication as to an answer to my question at all.... but.....

    Have you even SEEN Asha? Just curious. Bc people will say what they like and it doesnt make it true. Guys that have NEVER seen me make judgements and statements about how I act and the type of person I am. And, they couldnt be more wrong. Some guys will tell you
  4. Requesting menu details Etiquettes

    Quote Originally Posted by rumble11 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BOB ONTHIS View Post
    So we are just supposed to go in blind and likely be disappointed a large percentage of the time?

    Fuck that, I would rather quit.

    Let's see, many of us have been asking for specifics for at least 11 years with no problems....so far.

    So, either you ask, wing it, or better yet stick with a provider that you KNOW offers the services you desire.
    Quote Originally Posted by mydarkside View Post
    besides the pretty vanilla reviews and activities I hate discussing I'm open to ideas that don't
  5. Four pages from my ten page essay on why American mega corporations can afford to pay a living wage

    Just finished another quarter - this time I was taking an english 102 class. I had to write a six page essay - well it became ten pages (13 with all my sources lol)

    Here are a couple of my favorite pages from the essay....
    (BTW - I Just copy and pasted so the paragraph format is off from the original and well... I just left it like that)

    ....Why have wages been stagnant for decades although American production is higher than
    ever? What does that
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