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  1. The person who wrote this make a great point

    find several of the comments by reviewers here funny in a sad, misguided, uneducated and incredibly telling way.

    *The claim that using reviews enables sexual predators is not supported by evidence or logic*

    You see, only a reviewer who is trying to justify his use of reviews instead of admitting to his helping the objectification of women would state that. As another commenter stated, a provider, (and I am a provider as well) yes it does, But
  2. Please help

    Once again I find myself in a very serious situation that requires me to pay a good deal of money or lose all my belongings. This last year has been really tough. Back in December last year, after paying my rent on time every time, I find out my roommate who was the actual lease holder wasn't paying the rent and instead was pocketing the money. With an eviction notice and Christmas coming rapidly I worked my ass off and gave my roommate the money needed to stop the eviction.

    Then ...
  3. Hobbit Review System?

    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettMay View Post
    Now I brought this up in a discussion of what keeps a hobbit of your TDL and even talked with Mr. J on this and kindly asked if I could make the post so Don't everyone jump like it is me telling him what to do please.

    But the Idea is to have a Simple point and click review system for Hobbyists so that the provider can click thorough a few radio buttons and then maybe add a line or two of text not a paragraph and a option to say message for me details.

    The premise
  4. Overnight vs. overnight ADVENTURE.

    Yes, there is a huge.... HUGE... difference.

    The 20 hour overnight is just that. 20 hours. Overnight. Of my time and my time alone. All other expenses are covered by you and you get to have all control of the schedule. This is 1400... which broken down is just $70 hr.

    This is the deluxe, Cadillac, jackpot version of that. You have ZERO input on the plans. (Okay, you have some input.)
    But I find out what you like to do... where you like to go... what you like ...
  5. brunettebrilliance

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeymikepdx View Post
    SO after admiring her post I had to call and see BB. She was Absolutely Beautiful! I had come by for a QV so time was a wasting. I went down to experience some of the Cute Kitty. As she tasted amazing 5+ min later I decided to go for it. It didn't take me too long to finish as this pretty, soft skinned, better in person member was handleing my member.

    Thanks for a great first visit. See you Again soon.
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