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  1. Where else you can find my Pics

    So with the whole everyone worried of turing into Cronozombies I am going to make sure there is more access to my Pictures and Info for those practicing " Self Care "

    I still will only see in person people with Profiles and References without exception. But for those less fortunate to not meet my screening requirements you will at least have other options.

    So the obvious first ( The following are clickable Links )

    My Website

  2. Sex as protection from Corona? This, in fact, is true!

    How is this possible? Studies comparing sexually active people to people who are not show that sex boosts our antibodies. These protective antibodies will shield you from bacteria, viruses, and contagious illnesses. Let's not forget to mention all the 'feel good' hormones that are released, such as oxytocin (the 'cuddling' hormone) that keep us feeling happy, safe, and secure.

    Besides those benefits, sex decreases blood pressure, is considered exercise, and improves sleep. Who doesn't ...
  3. Reputation points? What, Why & How?!

    All threads, reviews, ads, etc. have a little 'sheriff' star in the bottom, left corner. The easiest way to understand the concept of 'reputation points', is to think of them like 'FB' likes. It's a way for people to approve (like = green bars ), or dissaprove (dislike = red bars) people's contribution to the community.

    I know that's a 'simplified' way of thinking, but it's no less accurate. Another words.... Definitely take into account (and research) why someone has red, or green.

    Updated 06-02-2020 at 10:39 AM by Harlow


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