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  1. Staying here

    by , Today at 04:04 PM (Life, random, feelings, daily mishaps and the excitement of it all)
    I'll be staying in Kent for a little while. My grandmother 2 taken too the hospital last night. They are talking about taking her to hospice care. I'll be unavailable starting tomorrow. I'll be going to stay with her for a few days. I'm not ready to lose my grandma yet.
  2. Deposits....

    Hello sexy friends!

    Please understand that deposits may be necessary to secure a time with me outside of normal booking hours or to hold a longer session time. This is for both of us and accountability to make that connection. If you are unwilling or unable to provide this kind of security, I absolutely invite you to schedule or inquire to connect during my posted advertising hours for a potentially short notice option once screening has been completed!

    I super appreciate ...
  3. North smh

    by , Yesterday at 06:27 PM (Life, random, feelings, daily mishaps and the excitement of it all)
    I've been asked to head North by a lot of people but I'm not sure if I am willing to risk paying $300 to stay up there and not see anyone. I've posted a few times out that way and no one wanted to schedule or give me times that would work for them. I would be going up their blind. Staying here id spend half the amount, but I am not seeing anyone here either. I know it's stupid slow everywhere, and I'm not barbie. Which does make things that much harder. I'll post another ad on another site to see ...
  4. It's my Birthday Week....instead of cards/flowers I'm asking for help with my emergency dental fund

    Hey guys....you guys are always so generous on my birthdays, and this year I wanted to ask for something different....
    Last week I cracked a back bottom tooth and it's been a Real ordeal finding a dentist to see me on a cash basis. I need a root canal bad, but obviously have no insurance. I'm dipping into my savings anyways to get this fixed, but I could really use a little help. Even at this so called low cost clinic, it's still hundreds.

    So even if it's just $20, instead ...
  5. Officially announcing my Retirement

    by , 05-30-2023 at 01:11 AM (Life, random, feelings, daily mishaps and the excitement of it all)
    I know not many people actually read the stuff I write on here. I feel like this is the best way to start the announcement. I have an official date, I will be retiring.

    I will continue my Onlyfans content and keep my SnapChat, I will no longer see clients or log onto the board. This will not happen for a few more months but i feel i should start announcing it now.

    October 3rd will be my last day as a provider, I will no longer accept calls or texts on my phone. I will
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