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  1. ISO Pre-book Duo! <3

    Quote Originally Posted by PixieGemma View Post
    I'd be honored, uzi! I'll PM for sure
    Just be careful scheduling a duo with a stranger. LE will ask you to provide it when they call and schedule an appointment to come bust you. (True story) Bcse a duo is a felony. Its considered "promoting" of the other provider.
  2. Sex Drive Over 40

    I read an interesting article today on how sex drive changes with age. If you are a male over the age of 40, you may have noticed these changes beginning. Here's a quote I found interesting-

    'Men face bigger chances of erectile dysfunction as a lot of health-related problems like heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol etc. take place and so, they have to constantly consume medicinal drugs that may affect their libido.'

    Now, whle I wholeheartedly respect the medical ...
  3. Hardballs... no pun intended 🤣

    Sorry I coudn't help myself.🤣 Anyone who's met me probably knows what a goof ball I am. And how much I love puns. So I was worried about being limited in what I can provide after my procedure. I was so scared. Then Friday night before my Monday procedure I start coughing. Bad.
    Two days straight. My whole body aches to my every request from my lungs for being answered with that undeniable cough that you have no control over. So finally I'm feeling strong enough to get a covid test
  4. Lifes changes

    So I guess it's time for me to share what's going on with me. This year has been crazy for all of us. We are still in the thick of it. I know we all have hope a vaccine will come along and bring us back our normallacy. I hope that one does come along and it will help end some off the suffering humanity is inflicted with. But we can't plan anything. There are so many unknowns in life. One thing that has become painfully obvious to me is that I am not my same old self. As much as I would love to ignore ...
  5. Two MILF's are DEFINITELY better than one!!!

    I am SUPER excited, since becoming a provider on TNA I have always wanted to find another provider to work with. There are SO many amazing women in this community and I have a great deal of respect for MANY of them. There have been times that I was struggling, especially lately with some aspect of this business and there was a huge display of support and advice from so many lovely ladies. I received a PM from a saucy red head, named Red Heron. She has been an amazing friend and a HUGE source ...
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