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  1. Requesting menu details Etiquettes

    Quote Originally Posted by rumble11 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BOB ONTHIS View Post
    So we are just supposed to go in blind and likely be disappointed a large percentage of the time?

    Fuck that, I would rather quit.

    Let's see, many of us have been asking for specifics for at least 11 years with no problems....so far.

    So, either you ask, wing it, or better yet stick with a provider that you KNOW offers the services you desire.
    Quote Originally Posted by mydarkside View Post
    besides the pretty vanilla reviews and activities I hate discussing I'm open to ideas that don't
  2. Four pages from my ten page essay on why American mega corporations can afford to pay a living wage

    Just finished another quarter - this time I was taking an english 102 class. I had to write a six page essay - well it became ten pages (13 with all my sources lol)

    Here are a couple of my favorite pages from the essay....
    (BTW - I Just copy and pasted so the paragraph format is off from the original and well... I just left it like that)

    ....Why have wages been stagnant for decades although American production is higher than
    ever? What does that
  3. Goldilocks and the Eternal Flame!

    Quote Originally Posted by gopherfan77 View Post
    Goldie is:

    a) Awesome! Personality wise she is warm and kind w/a movie star smile

    b) A perfect and prompt communicator; no waiting, no delays, no nonsense when a meeting is mutually set

    Long story short, Goldie's statement "I am in this business for the sheer pleasure it brings and the new experiences..." definitely rings true and basically says it all!

    Will repeat, and I highly suggest anyone reading this go now to see Goldie
  4. Krista_knight1

    [QUOTE=Jedgarjr;11478311]Apparently I can't review her , it says content can't be loaded.
    Saw her 5/23 and her in all was sketchy and like the alert that just came out on her it is correct. She was babbling in a tiny voice that was unintelligible, brief bbbj was ok then she climbed on, her hair was a mess and looked unwashed and her over all appearance was not close to her pics, I will not be seeing her again.[/QUOTE]
  5. My list of DONíTs

    ēI do not offer anal.
    óó I know itís on my menu but itís listed as an extra fee. I need to change it because I recently stopped offering it. I only offer it to very VERY few clients WHO ARE REGULARS because I enjoy it wth them. This is something that takes time trust and I must really like u
    do not ask because Iíll tell u (Clients who have received random surprise anal know what Iím talking about)

    ēI do not see newbies (part A)
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