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  1. Modern day spray waxes

    Modern day Spray Waxes.

    meguiars hybrid ceramic wax. On a scale of Shit to Awesome with, 'Med' being, 'Medium', I give it a, strong Med. Its blue liquid in a blue bottle and, like most everything meguiars makes car care wise it smells good.

    The directions on the bottle say to do a spray on and wipe off liberally for the 'first application'. I don't agree spray that shit on and wipe it off for any/every ...

    Updated 07-25-2019 at 02:43 AM by discreet

  2. FYI Screening!! Please read!

    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR="#40E0D0"][SIZE=3][B][CENTER] hey guys! Thank you for taking a moment to read over my requirements on screening. I just wanted to start out by saying that the reason that I screen is because unfortunately, in this industry I have had some pretty horrific things happen to me. If I had been smarter about requiring a screening process, perhaps they wouldn’t have. Just to let you know I screen nearly everybody that I see. Even if you have references On TNA I ...
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    How to set up appointment:
    Setting up an appointment with me is as easy as pie! Shoot me a PM to verify your handle. (No references necessary, newbies are welcome). Follow up with a text, 360.464.7864 & let me know your handle, desired time & day to meet. I'll ask your name, pencil you in & we're good to go. For best availability 24/48 hours is recommended.

    What can I expect at our visit:
    You come in & are greeted with a hug... Settle in, grab a beverage

    Updated 01-21-2020 at 11:28 PM by Harlow

  4. The RANDOM Thought Thread - WiFi issues

    [QUOTE=mrprogrammer;12435206][QUOTE=Aalana Kane;12434066]I have a question for you Tech wizards out there:

    What would cause a laptop to not connect to Wi-Fi at home ? This laptop will connect to Wi-Fi in every other location at Library‘s at school at other friends houses and my IC. Subsequently the wifi at the house works with everything else except this laptop. The Xbox and PlayStations both work, other laptops work, everyone’s phone works, the smart Tv works on WiFi too... it’s ...
  5. She is Perfection


    Let me just say thank you for a beautiful review! Not only for the lovely things you said about the beautiful Summer Lynn Banks but thank you for still giving us girls who really love what we do and very much enjoy giving and receiving pleasure from our gentleman callers another chance to fullfill you needs. And thank you for being honest! This is important fellas! Share your feelings about your ...
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