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  1. Swaps & Trades thread

    by , 02-05-2020 at 05:58 PM (Any gentlemen want to give me much needed TLC/Pampering/Me time in exchange for time/services.)
    [QUOTE=Pedestrian Billfold;11816596]The following items are all new and going at an auction. If you are interested in anything just PM me.
    Mini fridge, wine cooler, linens ( sheet sets, pillows, blankets, and comforters are going up), drones w/camera, rc cars, Samsonite luggage sets. That is just a small example of what is available.
    Also coming available as soon as I get a day off work will be a 2001 Ford Explorer and a 1998 Honda Passport.[/QUOTE]

  2. The Worst Christmas Of My Life!

    [CENTER]If you have been following my "Bad Luck Streak"...here's the continuations to my real life stories.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"][I](Good to know...I have one thing in my life that is consistent ...lol. (Not really funny...that's my dry sarcasm talking...try to make light joke of my situation in attempt to learn the pain it caused now that I've pulled myself together from what happened.)[/I][/COLOR]

    So Christmas day....I spent alone...I don't ...

    Updated 01-01-2020 at 03:52 PM by kiana69

  3. Newbie 101: What to keep in mind when starting out on TNA

    I consider myself 'newbie friendly', always have been. There has been a recent influx of new gents with no references or presence on the board. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. So, for all you newbies that are trying to get established, here's some protocol.

    1. If you have no references on this board (or if your references are unverifiable), you will be expected to give your info. This varies from provider to provider. Could be your linkedin, name, phone number, picture, etc. ...
  4. Naughty Or Nice?

    Are you on my Naughty or Nice list this year?

    Hugs JJ xoxo
  5. Just a daydream...

    It was a warm, Summer's day. I was enjoying my lunch break at the park, when I glanced up and noticed a tall, statuesque figure approaching my park bench. Long, lean legs under what appeared to be a seemingly transparent sundress that caught the light in such a way. Did she notice me staring? How could I not? I tried to grab a hold of myself, as she sat down on the bench beside me. A book in one hand, coffee cup in the other.

    As I watched her cross those beautiful, long legs...I couldn't ...
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