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  1. Status update :

    So I planned to be finished With school by spring quarter (this quarter); but one class I needed to finish my associates Degree was not offered; till the summer. So I then thought summer would be my final quarter. NOPE!!! Since, I am on the “Deans Honor List”, i was informed of some additional educational opportunities:

    This ..... “The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all four-year colleges and universities ...
  2. Rate Increase

    Hi guys.....

    I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to post a little message about my rates.....

    Due to cost of living increase, I have raised my rates a little bit. Nothing too crazy, however it's been a few years since they've gone up and frankly I'm due a raise. My rent went up, gas is going up, shit...everything has gone up.

    So from now on, my rates are as follows: $75 quick visit (BNG), $120 half hour, $220 hour. HOWEVER, I will be running
  3. Attention Newbies!

    With the closure of Backpage and other escort sites, TNA is having a huge influx of Newbies. This is good..welcome to TNA! Right now I'm happy to see guys that are new to TNA. However.....this may change. I'm noticing a lot of what I'll call Backpage behavior, from guys that by necessity, have signed up to the TNA.

    So.....the first thing I'll say is: TNA is NOT BACKPAGE! Here, you are held accountable for your actions. We have an alert system in place for providers ...
  4. Rate changes

    Beginning June 6th I will be raising my rates to 575-2hrs 475-90min 300hr 250-45min 200hh 120qv. The donations listed below are FULLY INCLUSIVE!!!

    All my returning clients will be grandfathered in at my old rates. 500-2hrs 400-90min 260hr 200 45min 160hh 120qv.

    I will also only be working from 8 am-4pm and 6pm to midnight. Anything between 4 - 6pm and midnight - 8 am must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance.
  5. I don't want much. I don't ask for much. I just want a few simple things. I want to be happy.

    Just a few thoughts I had to get out, as I was lying in bed getting ready to sleep..

    I a simple person who really doesn't need a lot of material things to be happy. I've been very poor, and I've had money. Out of the two I choose rich every fucking time. Lol. Just kidding. Well, sorta.

    I At one time, lost everything I owned. A couple of times. So a bunch of possessions Doesn't mean that much to me. I know that you don't need material things to be happy. ...
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