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Sex as protection from Corona? This, in fact, is true!

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How is this possible? Studies comparing sexually active people to people who are not show that sex boosts our antibodies. These protective antibodies will shield you from bacteria, viruses, and contagious illnesses. Let's not forget to mention all the 'feel good' hormones that are released, such as oxytocin (the 'cuddling' hormone) that keep us feeling happy, safe, and secure.

Besides those benefits, sex decreases blood pressure, is considered exercise, and improves sleep. Who doesn't need more of that?

Having sex is a wonderful part of staying healthy!


A few precautions-

Please, if you are feeling a bit ill, social distancing is a must! If you have a fever, stay away and out of the public until it has passed.

Avoid travel unless unavoidable, and even then, only travel with mask and gloves.

DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS! It's entire goal is to keep you watching, and using fear tactics are common. The more you watch, the more $$$ their sponsors give them! Try online updates, and sources that tend to simply provide facts.


While in a session, providers should understand and not penalize ANYONE needing to cancel for health reasons, and vice versa. If you do feel healthy and arrive, please be understanding of her need for safety. I do ask my gent to please wash hands, or shower upon arrival. Then use mouthwash. I provide all supplies, and while it may not protect me from him, it does protect me from the people he may have come into contact with prior.

Please do not hesitate to ask your provider to offer clean sheets/towels/environment upon arrival. While normally this might put a few providers off, they should be understanding of your caution. Personally, I don't feel comfortable seeing more than one person per day, just because cleaning, changing linens, etc can take upwards of two hours.

Last, and this is for us providers...let's try not to take this personally. I had an older client this week that has health issues on and off for the last two years, and is over the age of 60. He requested that we both wore surgical masks. While I felt a tad silly at first, I understood and we ended up having a good laugh, even taking a selfie. It's not forever. Just for now. Stay safe, everyone! Big Hugs! Tabby

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