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Lady Jezebel

Elite Tantric Relaxation - What to Expect! 1 hr & 90 min

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Not being allowed to post details on the board can be confusing and stressful when trying to decide on what option might be right for you! Here I will do a breakdown (as much as I can safely) as to what to expect in my sexy sessions!

Prep Time:

I ask all guests to take a QUICK refreshing rinse of all the hot spots (don't forget your booty!), and utilize the mouthwash provided once they arrive. This paves the way for the best hobby experience. I have non-alcohol based mouthwash as well that is available on request for those sensitive to Listerine. This allows me a few minutes to get the table ready/set up and create the spa-like vibe I'm known for, that includes lighting, temperature, aroma therapy and music. This is integrated into the time we share.

Elite Tantric Relaxation:

This is a session of a finely blended mix of self care and sensual eroticism!!! When was the last time you took time to really recharge your batteries. You are likely in charge of everything and everyone. This is your safe and caring opportunity to be fully pampered! You get to soak up all the yummy goodness I can pour back into you! Before we transition to a more interactive interface of unlimited pleasures!

This session starts out like the others on the table allowing you to be fully embodied and release the 'monkey mind'. About half way through our time together, I invite you to shift with me to a more delicate and fully interactive intimate and sensual experience. This is lead by each of our comfort zones. Each time playing out in different experiences and scenarios! What pleasure profiles we explore are completely up to us in that current moment!

90 min sessions. This creates a bit of a different dynamic! Again we have many ways this can go and we get to lead on what that might be! It can be one long and teasing session with 1 very powerful and/or fulfilling release at the end. Or it can the different sexy options described in my other 'Standard & Next Level' Options. These options are discussed IN PERSON before we start our session as clear communication is super SEXY!

You can fully expect a hot towel service at the end of every session. This is optional and will be offered unless declined. No is a complete sentence, and I firmly respect that. This is a great way to stay in the orgasmic bliss and lock in all that yummy goodness you just experienced. A hot shower with clean towels and non-scented soaps will be waiting for you after the session.

When you have rinsed and refreshed to return to reality, you will always be offered a water beverage and a sweet treat before you head out.

If this sounds like heaven to you, I invite you to consider booking your session with me soon. I only do two Tantric sessions in a day. I hope this give more clarity to the service and experience I provide! Same days are always welcome but cannot be guaranteed.

This is a FABULOUS option for those who desire RELAXATION & A GFE EXPERIENCE as all the boxes are checked! ;-)

If you are curious about my other types of sessions, see my other blog posts for more information!

Kiss kiss,
Lady J

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