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Advertising Guidelines

Advertisements placed on this board are not screened prior to publication, however, are still subject to strict posting guidelines. Advertisements found violating the board's posting rules will be removed and the user's account may be temporarily or permanently shut down. Some of the major violations are:

1) The sale or solicitation of drugs. Even if marijuana is legal in your state it is still against federal law and therefore is prohibited.
2) The sale or solicitation of sex. Prostitution is still illegal in the United States and is therefore prohibited on this board. Advertisers are permitted to use this board to advertise their legal companion, massage, and fetish services only.
3) The advertisement or solicitation in any regard to individuals under the age of 18. TNABoard is solely for the entertainment of adults over the age of 18. No advertisements can be placed by anyone under the age of 18. Anyone doing so, or anyone soliciting a minor on any part of this board will be reported to the proper authorities immediately. This is a zero tolerance policy.
4) The sale or solicitation of any other product or activity that is deemed illegal by state or federal law.

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