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Open schedule by appointment.



I'm Akira, and I can't wait to share my assets, genuine personality, and authentic companionship with you!
I've kept everything on my previous menu the same, with a spicy NEW addition! Don't wait or hesitate to send me a pm, and I will be happy to let you in on the details!

I love kissing, cuddling, and hearing about what's on your mind! (No judgement.) I am here for YOU.

Available for pre-scheduled incalls and outcalls in Seattle.


I'd love nothing more than to show you the closeness you're really craving..

I understand your deepest desires and fantasies that you have been longing for.

I want to hear everything you wish to say, but cannot to say to others.

Come experience what spending time with a real girlfriend (or side chick!) feels like.

Some things about me:

I am a safety girl. No exceptions.

I take very good care of myself.

This means that I expect to be treated as I treat myself.

I am NOT petite. I am NOT skinny nor am I built the way Asian women are commonly expected to be built. Having said that:

I AM athletic and toned with curves.

I am "book" smart, life and street smart.

I like guys who respect me,

>my time

>my space and.....

>my boundaries!

I love fresh breath!

I love people who shower within a reasonable timeframe before meeting me!

Please do not attempt to extend the agreed upon time without a mutual agreement.

Respect my person (that includes SAFETY!)

The best way to reach me is through a pm first, then a follow up via text. See you soon Sexy!!xoxoName:  image (3).jpg
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