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Review: Aurora Backpage

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    Thumbs up Aurora Backpage

    Service Type: Escort
    Incall/Outcall: Incall
    Gender: Female
    Body type: Tiny
    Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
    Name: Aurora
    Phone Number: (206)929-5668
    Affiliation: Independent
    Age: 31
    Ethnicity: Native American
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Hair color: Black
    Hair Length: To shoulder blades
    Eyes: Brown
    Bust size: A Cup
    Bust Appearance: Just okay
    Breasts: Real or Fake?: Real
    Tattoos: Didn't see any
    Piercings: None
    Feet: Normal
    Smoker?: IDK
    Date of Meeting: 12/27/2017
    Overall Experience:


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    Re: Aurora Backpage


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