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Alanna Taylor

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Whether you're looking for a naughty time behind closed doors, the perfect arm candy, an after dinner dessert or maybe even a weekend get away filled with excitement and intellect.

I am the type of woman you will be thinking about
long after I'm gone!

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E. Bremerton Private Incall
Outcalls always available to all areas

Phone: 518 460 1355

16Oqv | 2OOhh | 3OOfh

Please inquire about longer engagements

Your time is just as valuable as mine,
so please include...
your handle in a text message and follow up
with a pm for faster screening!

You must have verifiable references

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Kaylani Love is a gorgeous, thick and curvy beauty.
She has long brunette hair, piercing green eyes, tan soft skin and skills out of this world.

Together we are a rare find with a set of skills that will blow your mind. Its the best of both worlds. Tight and toned on one hand, soft and curvy on the other. Double the pleasure double the fun.

3OOhh | 4OOfh

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