Service Type: Companion
Gender: Female

Hey Guys just wanted to make a note and let you know that I am available for my favorite CD $100 special or outcalls.

Not everyone , myself included, has the time for incall hangouts as much. also not everyone has the funds to spend hours with me. I totally understandÖÖ I get to enjoy being with everyone during my special.
They remind me of when i was in school again, always sneaking off with the older boys who could drive. I always reminisce about the fun I had. So when I get to do them I get to relive my high school adventures and it's Nothing but fun ))
You can reach me through the number posted here 425 549 9202.

I have lots of awesome reviews and all my pics that you can enjoy on my main page. I have a discrete place for us to hang out at, worry free. Feel free to message me if ya have any questions too. have a great night. -xoxo Ally


( just wanted to let you guys know why my pictures arenít in my ads. so I think they made it to where you had to be a premium provider to be able to post pictures , I was a premium member for years but this past year when everything on the site started changing I had sent money to upgrade and it never happened . Everything went through on my bitcoin, I know pretty well how to the process works. I contacted the moderators And never got a reply back so I just donít want to keep wasting my money .
Though I. am pretty frustrated that you canít post any pictures in your ads if youíre not a premium I think thatís kind of weird in my opinion but oh well I guess .....)