Service Type: Companion
Gender: Female

Holly, a platinum blonde worth diamonds.
The girl you’ve been looking for to turn your dreams into realities.
Always providing a true vip experience for your enjoyment.
Displaying kindness and authenticity, only giving you my true self.
Standing 5’8 with the brightest blue eyes, juicy full lips, long legs, with butter soft skin.
All the beauty to match my intellect, personality, charm, conversation, and charisma.
Look no further, all of your needs are met here. Contact me now to schedule your blissful escape. 💕💞

TEXT ME: (206)305-8981
I have a new email and new phone number. Please email me at this new email address to set up an appointment.
Please do not contact me on my old accounts as I will not see them. If we have met before, please remind me what your user name is and when we last me to help me remember you! Thanks!

TEXT ME: (206)305-8981