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Global Fixes
*The ignore function has been rewritten and is now actually somewhat effective. Instead of simply blocking posts with an option to still read them, posts no longer show up to those on ignore at all. When you add someone to your ignore list, you automatically add yourself to their ignore list as well. Only the person who initiated this can undo it. So if someone is on your ignore and you can't remove them... that's because they're the ones that ignored you. Profiles can no longer be accessed by those on ignore, and gallery entries are no longer visible or accessible for those on ignore (for those who have photo albums).

*The mail service was not always sending out desired system emails like PM notifications, change of email, etc. These issues have been resolved.

*TDLs have been reworked. Providers can only see their own list (new - see below) if upgraded, and hobbyists can see their own list and the lists of other hobbyists. The ability to sort these lists has been fixed (used to produce blank results upon sorting). The "Last Activity" column has also been added and is sortable (upon request).

*Signature fields have been fixed to contain content. (some photos would blow up or out of signature fields)

*Search has been fully opened up to all groups (temporary) and the ability to "Include banned users" to search results has been added.

*An issue with "My References" where adding and removing them was sometimes showing an incorrect value on the profile level has been fixed.

*The issue where clicking on the username of a provider in a review who has since changed her username would produce a dead link page has been fixed. This will now go to the profile of the provider who has the old name in her "TNA Previous Usernames" profile field.

Provider Fixes
*"My Purchases" is a new function in the header of the full site that shows ad credit counts and expiration dates of upgrades. This has also been added to mobile by clicking the option bars in the top right of the mobile screen.

*The avatar display in the "Featured" section has been fixed to resize images correctly (instead of stretching them width-wise).

*Upgraded providers now have a "My TDL" on their profiles so they can see a list of all the TDLs they're on. They also have the ability to remove themselves from someone else's TDL.


Global Fixes

*Tweaks to Ignore feature
1) Ignore is now permanent. The feature is meant for those truly trying to put distance between themselves and someone else. It's not intended for those stuck in adolecense who only use it as a tool to be dramatic. So decide carefully before applying it.
2) Review and Alert forums will still operate under the old ignore rules, meaning you'll see posts from those on your ignore lists, and will have the option to view them if you want.
3) We were having issues with the thread counts being off. I'm under the impression that we fixed this. If you're still having issues, please to a hard reset of your browser cache to fix the problem. Let me know if it doesn't.


  1. There was an issue after deploying the new ignore function that was throwing off post counts in threads. This has been fixed. (PM me if this remains an issue for anyone)
  2. When adding someone to ignore from their profile you would get a confusing permission error. This has been replaced with something more direct.
  3. There was an issue in Alerts where if the username contained a "&" clicking the link would result in a 'this user is not registered' message. This has been fixed.
  4. Reviews now have a "Duo Partner" field. Copying or creating duplicate reviews for duos is no longer necessary.

  1. The new VIP upgrade allows for 2 free posts per 23 hours, opposed to 1 free post every 11 hours. (This is new, so let me know if it doesn't work as expected)
  2. When editing an existing ad and trying to add photos from albums the thumbnails would display, yet were not selectable. This has been fixed.
  3. Ads will now auto-censor forbidden terms in the title and body of the ad. If you see "***" in your ad, know you have used an illegal term and should edit your ad appropriately. Using similar words to get around this censorship may have your account banned.


  1. When receiving a PM from someone on your ignore list, the option to 'view message' was still available. This has been removed.
  2. When viewing "My Reviews" on a provider's profile, reviews from those on your ignore list were not visible, despite them being visible on the forum level. This has been fixed and all reviews should now show regardless of the ignore function.
  3. There was a fix to the auto-censoring of ads.

Premium Accounts
  1. New Feature! - If you have a premium account you can now go into Settings>Edit Profile and find a new field called "Reference Check." Setting a value here will determine how many references a person needs to have before they can PM you over the site.


Wow, over a year since my last entry... I've never been good at logging time. A lot has happened in the last year, most of which I can't recount the details, but the bulk has been boring back end stuff. Obviously the new automated payment system took a lot of effort as well. More recent fixes have been as follows:

  1. A new automated "Delete Account" link has been added to profiles. If your account qualifies it will process automatically. If it does not qualify you will instead see a page that will tell you possible reasons why not. This may or may not be launched by the time you read this as I still need to do final testing, but I know I'm not going to update this in the next few days.
  2. Go West and Go East entries have been added to the location selections on the left for easier navigation.

Provider Accounts
  1. There were anomalies with photos being posted on the outside of ad threads. This has been optimized so it should work without anymore issues.
  2. There was an issue with the red "Edit Title" button on ads. This has been fixed.
  3. There were issues with posting photos to ads from your phone. These have been fixed.
  4. Going to My Purchases now shows if your free ad credit is currently available like before.

Hobbyist Accounts
  1. Clicking "My Reviews" shows a list of your reviews with the avatar of the provider. Clicking this photo now redirects to that provider's profile (used to do nothing).

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