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  1. Sex Drive Over 40

    I read an interesting article today on how sex drive changes with age. If you are a male over the age of 40, you may have noticed these changes beginning. Here's a quote I found interesting-

    'Men face bigger chances of erectile dysfunction as a lot of health-related problems like heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol etc. take place and so, they have to constantly consume medicinal drugs that may affect their libido.'

    Now, whle I wholeheartedly respect the medical ...
  2. Sucked into a wife's garden party, much to my dismay...

    Another event I'd committed to while distracted. Three or four hours of listening to people talk about themselves beat getting yelled at later for not being 'engaged'. We walked in with our required dish to share, and the torture began. Until...

    I glanced over and noticed her. Why hadn't I seen her before? Had she too, been roped into an event she didn't want to attend? Her cherry red lips caught my eye first, followed by her legs, elongated by her very dangerous looking heels. I ...
  3. Sex as protection from Corona? This, in fact, is true!

    How is this possible? Studies comparing sexually active people to people who are not show that sex boosts our antibodies. These protective antibodies will shield you from bacteria, viruses, and contagious illnesses. Let's not forget to mention all the 'feel good' hormones that are released, such as oxytocin (the 'cuddling' hormone) that keep us feeling happy, safe, and secure.

    Besides those benefits, sex decreases blood pressure, is considered exercise, and improves sleep. Who doesn't ...
  4. Cock Worship, Edging...what's the difference and what's best for you?

    Cock worship: Can be used to refer to a scene in which a submissive engages in a ceremony-like honoring of a dominant's cock. It can also refer simply to the fantasy of worshiping/lavishing attention on the cock. This may involve fellatio, licking, stroking, or any other activities meant to deliver pleasure to the cock.

    Edging: Edging, peaking, or surfing is an orgasm control sexual technique that may be practiced either alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high ...
  5. Newbie 101: What to keep in mind when starting out on TNA

    I consider myself 'newbie friendly', always have been. There has been a recent influx of new gents with no references or presence on the board. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. So, for all you newbies that are trying to get established, here's some protocol.

    1. If you have no references on this board (or if your references are unverifiable), you will be expected to give your info. This varies from provider to provider. Could be your linkedin, name, phone number, picture, etc. ...
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