Service Type: Companion

They say that when you lose one of your senses, your other senses are heightened. But your craving is beyond that. Before She touches you, handcuffs you, blindfolds you, before she really does anything, it is Her smell that intoxicates.When you enter Her presence, you know this instinctively: Her aroma is both balm and heaven, viagra and repose . . .

I am Jasmine Praveena. I am of Indian descent. I don’t take a razor to my body at all. Amongst other things, I’m a sensual sadist.

You may have found Me because you have fetish for scents and body hair. Body worship is unique between every two people and it is an act that gives Me endless joy. My crevices are numerous and there is no shortage of hair on My voluptuous body. It is a wondrous sight to behold; it is Heaven on earth.

You may have found Me because you’re a curious novice, or because you like your sex playfully spicy. You’re not into “any of the extreme shit” but you like it when a woman is bossy, and in control. Or perhaps you’re simply not a masochist and there are kinky fantasies you want to wade in, but gently.

Or perhaps you’re experienced in the realm of the taboo and know exactly what you want. You have a need to let go, while living out your own, unique carnal desires. You’re looking for a blend of psychology and that *subtle edginess*, where you experience something both spiritually fulfilling and carnally filthy.

Or perhaps you were just looking for an Indian girl.

However you come to me, I have a special blend of magic just for you. My lifelong curiosity of human bodies, eroticism, and psychology has taught me that *** goes beyond just sexuality. Naturally intuitive, I am in the business of creating trust and authenticity. I value laughter, catharsis, and healing. My hedonist philosophies are influenced by my studies of tantra and other various Buddhist and Hindu philosophies. But above all, I like to play.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” What would you it rather be?

Screening is mandatory for all friends! I do not discriminate against race, age, dis/ability, gender presentation etc. Please see my website: for all booking inquiries. P411 members please contact me on my P411 profile (P411 ID: P261776).

Get to know me better: Jasmine's Blog | Twitter | Instagram | JustFor.Fans

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April 21 - 23: Seattle (Incall: Downtown. Outcalls available upon request)

Bonus: Duos with Koi Erotica available!

My Rates:

1 hr - $500

1.5 hr - $650

2 hr - $800

3 hr - $1200

For longer, see I also LOVE catering to couples

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 48hrs require a 50% deposit of the date you booked. Cancellations made within 24 hrs require a 100% deposit of the date you booked. Payments must be made within 48 hrs of of the cancelled booking.