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Over 90% of customers can be verified instantly using our extensive collection of records from the world’s largest data sources. A photo ID is only required if we determine the customer may be underage or their information did not match what we have on record.
The entire process is seamless to support a smooth checkout experience, even when a photo ID is required. Photo IDs can be captured through the customer’s camera, uploaded from a file, or taken from a mobile phone, and verified in just 10 to 30 seconds, 24 hours a day.

World class professionals

We are a professional business with a dedicated support portal, 24/7 support team. We adhere to all legal aspects to ensure we always are operating within the law.

Smart Artificial Intelligence System

Artificial Intelligence

Integrated ID & Age Verification for providers and hobbyists to ensure members are age & ID verified

Age Verification

Built-In age verification systems to provide member security & safety .

ID Verification

Providers must complete ID verification¬† with optional ‘Get Verified’ for hobbyists.

Safety & Security

Our platform provide the best possible security methods to ensure member privacy.

Biometric Verification

If we request a photo ID, we will give the customer a few options to upload a picture of their ID with their name and date of birth clearly visible. A picture can be taken directly from our popup if the user has a webcam and a supported browser, or they can upload a picture from a file. If they are on a mobile device, they are directed to their camera app to take a picture. Customers using a computer can also request a link to be sent to their phone, allowing them to take a picture with their phone and then continue the process on their computer. Once a picture is submitted, we will verify it in around 10 to 20 seconds.

ID Verification

We have a comprehensive ID verification system thanks to SumSub where providers and hobbyists can instantly verify and validate their IDs online within seconds. TNABoard requires all providers to complete ID verification to ensure the safety of our community and to ensure we abide by age verification requirements.

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